Polo Storico is Lamborghini's in-house restoration program that can facilitate everything – from vehicle history to complete rebuilds using original parts. We went for a closer look

Lamborghini remains an automotive marque with unique credentials in a technologically-driven world. Blending the hot-blooded Latin traditions of innovation and passion, you needn't delve deep within Lamborghini's current stable for exotic materials and advanced all-wheel-drive systems.

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Yet, whereas rival manufacturers adapt to culture's demand for downsizing and turbocharging, the raging bull bucks today's automotive trends with steroid-fed V12 engines; capable of making petrolheads go weak at the knees.

The Bolognese-based engineers are acutely aware that Lamborghini must look to the future for continuing success, yet the company directors have never ignored Ferruccio Lamborghini's heritage. Keen to keep history alive, the company's in-house restoration firm – Polo Storico – has set a new benchmark for others to follow.

Inside Polo Storico: Where classic Lamborghinis are reborn

Based in the heartland of Sant’Agata, Lamborghini's Polo Storico restoration and preservation program adopts models of all ages, from original 350 GTs through last-of-the-line Diablo models, offering three main services to its clientele. There's certification, restoration, and parts supply for older Lamborghini supercars.

For investigating your Lamborghini’s provenance, Polo Storico's certification and authentication service remains the only source you'll ever need, for nobody knows Lamborghini better than the guys who built them.

Huge archives with detailed technical drawings allow researchers to ensure that every part of each restored car is original. There’s serious amounts of historical documentation ranging from period brochures to published material on every car in the Italian marque’s history, no matter how obscure. It’s a great resource for those looking to build a history file or model background – a living museum that never rests.

Inside Polo Storico: Where classic Lamborghinis are reborn

While the research facility is undoubtedly impressive, it's within Polo Storico’s Restoration Centre that proceedings come to life. Capable of nurturing every element of all heritage Lamborghini vehicles, the engineering and renovation team are second to none. The logistical side of transporting vehicles back to their home soil is undertaken by the best in the industry, ensuring that no Lamborghini is out of reach; regardless of where it resides in the world.

There's a strong mantra of preservation when it boils down to original parts, with detailed inspections taking place before any work is agreed upon. No restoration vehicle is deemed unworthy, with the team employing period correct manufacturing techniques for an authentic final product.

Crafting original spare parts is an impassioned element of what Polo Storico strives to achieve. It keeps a large store of ‘new old stock parts’ which are rigorously tested before being approved for use. For those parts which are no longer available, the restoration experts manufacture more obsolete components using original presses and machinery. The program claims that 65% of all spare classic Lamborghini mechanisms are currently catered for, with plans to expand supply further should the demand be high enough.

Inside Polo Storico: Where classic Lamborghinis are reborn

Naturally, Lamborghini are incredibly proud of the efforts they undertake in the name of preservation, showcasing their latest restoration works throughout the world's most celebrated automotive events. Pebble Beach, Hampton Court Concours and the infamously fastidious Concours d’Élégance Amelia Island have all boasted Polo Storico's fine craftsmanship.

Recognition of achievements has quickly followed, the recent Polo Storico project Muira – an ex-Rod Stewart vehicle – taking first place during Salon Privé in 2018.

Inside Polo Storico: Where classic Lamborghinis are reborn

Speaking with the renovation team, it remains clear that dedication and ferocious appetite radiates from project to project with an undying sense of intimacy. Francesco Stevanin, Heritage Technical Manager, stressed that: ‘nobody is excluded, we welcome every Lamborghini.’

This sense of generational connection is what separates Lamborghini's program from various other manufacturer-backed efforts. Polo Storico doesn’t care if you want to restore a prized Miura or disheveled Jalpa, if you are passionate about your Lamborghini, they are too.

Every project starts with a meeting to talk about what your vision is. Lamborghini aim to tailor what they offer to your exacting needs and budget — no job is too big or small. Found a Countach with a tree rooted through the floorpan? These guys can help. Located an original Lamborghini tractor? Chances are, they'll sort that too.

Inside Polo Storico: Where classic Lamborghinis are reborn

The fact that Polo Storico takes pride of place in Lamborghini HQ demonstrates that heritage is embraced, rather than ignored. Yet, while the atmosphere speaks volumes, it's the human aspects and fervent attitude that trumpets how bespoke and impressive Polo Storico really is. It's really very special indeed.

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