A brilliant car with an unusual reputation, the Audi TT was one of the sportscars of the 2000s. And there's one in our classifieds for a bargain price

Hearing the words ‘limited run four wheel drive German sports car’ would normally make most car enthusiasts cheer. But in the UK, one such car is seen as a bit of an embarrassment due to stereotypes over the type of people its buyers were.

The first generation Audi TT was a fun to drive, well engineered vehicle, but got attached with the ‘hairdresser’s car’ tag in the early 2000s. Not so bad for a Fiat 500 or Mini, but career killing for a German sports car.

Celebrating the Audi TT

But that diminished status is now a blessing for TT buyers, as it’s cheap to buy, and when more people come round to realise that the TT was a brilliant car, the new owner of the model in our classifieds will be grinning. Audi certainly knows the quality of the TT, having continued it on for two decades and three generations and still featuring in its production line-up.

Only 800 of the coupé-only limited edition Quattro Sport variant of the TT were sold in the UK, and the car was built by Audi’s dedicated Sport division. At 1390kg It was 75kg lighter than the usual TT, mostly thanks to the removal of rear seats and spare wheel. The weight loss is offset somewhat by larger front and rear spoilers.

Classics for sale: Audi TT quattro Sport

Although a car mostly associated with the 21st century, it’s still a classic in the making, and has a radio cassette player as a result, although there is Audi’s usual CD player located in the boot. Its sportscar credentials are sound, with a top speed of 155mph from its 1.8-litre turbocharged engine and six-speed direct-shift gearbox.

Classics for sale: Audi TT quattro Sport

The TT in our classifieds is finished in red and black, and also comes with full leather seats as opposed to the original alcantara half leather seats the car came with, and rear parking sensors. Most impressively, the seller is only asking for £6995.

Classics for sale: Audi TT quattro Sport

Work on the car has included a cam belt replacement, a new clutch and flywheel, refurbished wheels, and a full service that included the oils, filters and plugs. The climate controlled air conditioning has been regassed to ensure it operates efficiently.

Classics for sale: Audi TT quattro Sport

Since production it has covered 100,900 miles from new and had seven owners, and comes with a folder of service history including previous MOTs.