With so much focus on acquisition over maintenance, exterior appearance is sometimes forgotten. This new ‘ultimate’ car care guide is the solution

A classic car is a thing of pure beauty and elegance. The sculpted body lines and the powerful emotions created by the raw driving experience simply cannot be matched by any of today’s modern machines.

It’s easy to focus solely on the lengthy process of finding and purchasing the perfect example of your carefully chosen classic. That always feels like the hard part. But keeping your newly acquired classic vehicle looking in top condition can be very expensive and rather stressful.

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There’s a perpetual battle between the choices of how to best care for your car’s external appearance and keep the interior looking as good as new.

Should you use a cutting compound and fine pad to get those swirl marks out, or will a simple hand polish suffice? Perhaps you should apply the latest ceramic coating to keep it looking perfect for longer? And how on earth are you going to remove all of those carpet stains left behind by taking a passenger out for a spin last weekend?

There’s always the option to pay a professional thousands of pounds to do it all for you, but where’s the satisfaction in that? There’s something to be said for the bonding experience involved in caring for your own car.

It can be a scary prospect at first but help is at hand, thanks to The Ultimate Car Care Tutorial. Guesswork has been eliminated from of the process of knowing how best to clean your treasured vehicle by clearly providing a breakdown of how to properly assess, correct and protect it for years to come.

Extra care has been taken in making sure that every step is explained in straightforward, uncomplicated terms, a vital approach when dealing with delicate paintwork. Those relying on the guide can feel safe in knowing what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it.

Don’t want to spend your entire weekend polishing and waxing? We don’t either. Our step-by-step guide provides alternative, time-saving options for each step, so you can build a car care regime around the time you do have, not time you wish you had.

To grab a copy, send an email to UltimateCarCareTutorial@gmail.com. For just £120 today, you could save £1000s in the long term, and if you’re not satisfied with your product we offer a 110% refund.

This is the only guide you’ll ever need to take care of a perfectly maintained classic.