Expensive, fast and drop-dead gorgeous when new, the Alfa Romeo Montreal remains on all our wish lists. Here’s a cracker from the AutoClassics classifieds

Although the Alfa Romeo Montreal started out as practice for the company’s stylists to exercise their pens, the design workout quickly grew arms and legs.

Producing two concept cars for the 1967 Expo in Montreal, Canada, the reception was nothing short of riotous. Journalists fell over themselves to get a closer look, whereas delirious punters begged Alfa to take their deposit money in an orgy of frenzied screaming.

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Classics for sale: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

After the public and critical uproar, Alfa decided to push the car into production with a small capacity 2.6-litre V8 mated to a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox. So taken by Montreal’s reaction, Alfa decided to name their vehicle after the Canadian city.

Producing 200bhp and capable of making grown men weep, the Alfa Romeo Montreal employed electronic ignition and mechanical fuel-injection. This was groundbreaking stuff at the time, and could push the Montreal well beyond 130mph – something that the Jaguar E-type claimed to be capable of, yet seemed somewhat of a myth.

Classics for sale: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Viewed in contemporary society, the Montreal has lost none of its drop-dead gorgeous appeal. When the seductive front quad-headlamps retract upon flicking the light switch, accompanying an already suggestive bonnet scoop and mid-drift cooling slats, the tension between driver and car remains unmatched even when compared to more expensive rivals.

The interior oozes style and panache. The large black switches and twin-pod dials transport you back in time, whereas the seat fabrics and carpets reek of 1970s’ decadence. Popularity kept production going for nearly a decade, with 3925 models leaving the Alfa Romeo factory.

Classics for sale: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Given all this, it won’t come as a surprise to discover that the Montreal was eye-wateringly expensive back in the day. More so than a top-whack Porcshe 911 and late Jaguar E-type Series III V12s. Therefore, don’t expect to pick one up for cheap – especially if you want a good one.

And that’s exactly what we have here, in Left-Hand Drive form and boasting rude health. Finished in white with contrasting blue interior, the Alfa has been resprayed and overhauled, all work undertaken in Germany in 2016. The car remains registered in Germany, although the dealer can assist with registration should the car stay in the UK.

Classics for sale: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal
Classics for sale: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

A great example of Alfa’s highly desirable sportscar, this one reportedly drives and handles like new. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classified listing.

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