As the team from DM Historics get ready for the judging of their 1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC at the Pebble Beach Concours, we asked founder Marcus just how it feels to have your car on the famed lawn…

How are you finding your first Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

It's a truly amazing experience! There is simply nothing else like this in the world. The event's planning and organisation remain second to none, they work to maximise the exposure of the event itself and also maximise the visibility of the cars. This ensures that as many people as possible get to view the vehicles with their own eyes. The atmosphere is great and the Tour d’Elegance was incredible to partake in. The crowds really make you aware of the impact these cars have.

The XK120 seems to be going down well, how’s the reaction been?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

The XK120 has been going down extremely well, people love the originality of the car. The original Ecurie Ecosse stickers on the boot and bonnet are really drawing a crowd! People want to understand the history of the car, where it has been and how the car came to have these legendary Scottish racing team stickers.

With judging on the horizon, are you nervous?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

Absolutely, we have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the history of the car is concisely laid out and clear for the judges. We have also ensured the small niggles that could catch us out have been resolved. Some items such as sidelights, headlights and brake lights have been scrutinised twice or even three times to ensure that we don’t lose points. But ultimately, for our first Pebble Beach, we are simply enjoying the experience. Everything is a learning experience.

Have you seen many of the other cars in your class?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

We have managed to catch a glimpse of a few cars, including the other 5 cars in the Postwar Preservation Class. We were fortunate enough to see one of the vehicles – a beautifully original single-owner Ferrari 246 Dino – on the Motoring Classic Rally which we completed in our 1963 Jaguar E-type.

Furthermore, as we are based in the International Tent, we also managed to catch a glimpse of a 1953 Hudson Italia Prototype Coupe, which appeared in stunningly original condition. Finally, as we drove on the Tour d’Elegance in the XK120, we managed to catch a glimpse of the fourth entry into the field, a 1955 OSCA MT4.

How are you going to get the car ready for the judging, any special treatment?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

As part of our preparations for the judging, we tried to finalise as much as possible prior to the car leaving the UK. We have pulled together the history, tested the electronics and mechanics, and yesterday we spent the day cleaning and testing everything every component on the XK120. We had to make sure everything is spot on.

Has anything really surprised you about Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach Blog: DM Historics update from the ground

What has surprised me the most about Pebble Beach is the level of appreciation for the cars from the public and Pebble Beach participants themselves. Everyone waves, smiles and asks about the cars. Also, Pebble Beach ensure that if you are part of the entry to event itself, then you are not left with a lack of things to do. There's evening meals, drinks for panels and auction entries, there is something for all tastes and experiences. There is reason this is one of the world’s premier automotive events!

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DM Historics will continue their reporting from Pebble Beach over the next couple of days. Stay tuned!