Want to know how Goodwood Revival runs so smoothly? Here's how – practice makes perfect with star cars and drivers taking to the track before the event

The Goodwood Revival is a very special event in the calendar that brings the past back to life. Not only are guests dressed to impress, but the legendary machinery on show is presented in ‘as new’ condition.

Better than simply viewing these burnished specimens of perfection, you can spectate in motion. In fact, the Goodwood Revival hosts one of the most valuable grids in the world.

However, plenty of preparation goes into the big day with drivers getting the chance to tinker with their machines on practice days.

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Goodwood Revival Practice 2018
Goodwood Revival Practice 2018
Goodwood Revival Practice 2018

The paddocks are a hive of activity with people in overalls dashing back and forward with spanners in hand. A rich smell of oil and race fuel fills the air as mechanics rush to make their final adjustments on some of motorsport’s greatest cars. The pit lane light turns green to a simultaneous burst of noise, a chorus of horsepower that settles into a communal idle. One by one they take flight down the runway that it the pit exit.

Most roar off into he distance, but some choke and splutter to halt before they get their chance. More men with spanners appear and these individuals return to life, some only temporarily.

It might appear that this sort of business belongs in a film dubbed ‘Carry On Motor Racing’ but this is why everyone is here — to find problems. The last thing you want is your much loved classic conking out at the event you’ve been waiting a whole year to attend. Some additional screwdriver twiddling and everyone is away.

Goodwood Revival Practice 2018

Numerous breeds of racing car populate the track at varying intervals with some bumbling along to run-in new parts, others getting close to race pace while finding the perfect set-up. Muscle cars, Minis, rare Porsches, and open-wheeled racers relive their glory days out on the historic Goodwood Tarmac. It’s quite the sight that turns back the clock for those who remember, and bring life to the pages of history for those of a younger generation.

Goodwood Revival practice days are free for the public to attend and a great way to get up close and personal with these star cars before the busy Revival itself. Loiter around the paddock for a bit and chances are you’ll bump into one or two famed drivers after they’ve finished their stint. Try and do that at. Formula One Grand Prix weekend!

Goodwood Revival Practice 2018

The 2018 Goodwood Revival takes place on 7-9 September and you can get your tickets here.

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