With the latest Oldtimer Grand Prix historic event at the Nurbürgring this weekend, we look at the key moments from the circuit’s past with stunning Motorsport Images photography

The Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, the 46th of which takes place this weekend (10-12 August, 2018), is one of the key events on the historic racing calendar. Around 500 cars from a variety of eras will be in attendance.

And there hardly could be a better place to pay homage to motorsport’s past than the Nurbürgring and particularly its 14-mile Nordschleife – one of the very most challenging, revered and fearsome circuits in all of racing. Appropriately too its history is extensive, stretching back to 1925.

Thanks to Motorsport Images, AutoClassics looks at some memorable moments that have taken place at the track.

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Images courtesy of Motorsport Images