It's currently the hight of automotive fashion to modify and restore Porsche 911s, but with so many to choose from, which are the best? Here are our top 6...

The Porsche 911 is an automotive icon that has evolved over the past 70 years. It’s uncompromised pursuit of performance via a rear-engine layout has earned the car a cult following. However, something that divides these lifelong fans is the subject of modifying — particularly classic models. Here are our best modified Porsche 911s.

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The Best Modified Porsche 911s

The RUF CTR (Group C Turbo RUF), or 'Yellowbird' as it became known, was launched in 1987 and instantly became one of the fastest road cars with a top speed exceeding 210mph. Its factory 3.2-litre engine was enlarged to 3.4-litres and kicked out 496bhp thanks to a pair of turbos. The chassis was strengthened with a cage and the rear track widened by an inch either side. RUF also designed its own gearbox for the car after dissatisfaction with modified Porsche transmissions.

Visually, the car’s body was aerodynamically enhanced by incorporating an IMSA-style rear wing and reworked bumpers. Cooling the powerful engine was a high priority and so shoulder-mounted ducts were incorporated into the design alongside an oil cooler grille on the front bumper.

Not only was the RUF CTR fast, but it was also done properly. The level of detailed engineering that went into this car made RUF a household name.

RPM Technik 996 CSR EVO

The Best Modified Porsche 911s
The Best Modified Porsche 911s

If you want a modified 911 to take to the track, the RPM Technik 996 CSR EVO might be the one for you — it’s certainly one of our favourites. Based on a 996, this car has been tuned with the help of former BTCC and Porsche Carrera Cup GB champion, Tim Harvey.

It started life as a second-gen 2002 996 Carrera 2, but its 3.6-litre flat-six has now received a lot of attention. Not only is power boosted to a 996 GT3 rivalling 350bhp, but extensive work has been done to ensure durability. Body roll is further reduced with bespoke anti-roll bars and fully adjustable suspension.

Inside you’ll find a pair of bucket seats complete with racing harnesses, a cage, and a pleasingly dishy three-spoked steering wheel. In total there’s a 45kg weight saving from the track-focused interior and the new carbon fibre bonnet.

A serious car that’s ready for some serious fun.

Singer Vehicle Design’s DLS

The Best Modified Porsche 911s

When we heard that and former Porsche engineers Norbert Singer and Hans Mezger were to 'reimagine' another Porsche 911 964, excitement filled the air. We weren’t disappointed when the car made its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This car is a collision of classic design, modern technology, and art. The reimagined carbon fibre body has been painstakingly analysed by Williams and their F1-grade computational fluid dynamic equipment to create a balance between beauty and aero efficiency. That iconic ducktail spoiler, roof channel, and diffuser work in harmony to create added rear downforce.

The flat-six in the back hasn’t been forgotten about and produces a substantial 500bhp after some tinkering. You can now enjoy this engine’s sonorous tune up to 9,000rpm.

Workshop 5001 Number 1

The Best Modified Porsche 911s

Workshop 5001 is a relatively new company, but their projects are quickly capturing peoples attention. They work on a wide variety of Porsche — even a historic 356 — but its this 1973 911 that took our fancy.

This car knows the power of the understatement with its flat grey paintwork and lack of flashy trinkets. What Workshop 5001 has created with this model is perfection in its simplest form. The steel wheels allow the bodywork to do the talking and enables onlookers to appreciate that iconic shape for what it is.

Power comes from a 3.4-litre engine with just over 300bhp and adjustable suspension for when you want to spend some time on track.

Ares Design Porsche 911 GT3 Targa

The Best Modified Porsche 911s
The Best Modified Porsche 911s

The 911 Targa has a lot of history, so when Porsche revived the model a few years ago, its popularity came as no surprise. However, you can only have the modern-day interpretation with the performance of a Carrera 4. Well, that was until Ares Design got hold of it.

The Ares Design Porsche 911 GT3 Targa, as the name suggests, blends the very best of that reborn Targa model with one of the most celebrated cars in the Porsche range. It features 911 GT3 RS front wings complete with integrated louvers, ceramic composite brakes, and centre locking alloy wheels. Performance surpasses the naturally aspirated RS thanks to the turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six producing 575bhp and 500lb ft of torque.

The Italian based firm is headed by ex-Lotus Boss Dany Bahar who has a clear vision going forward. Ares aims to reinvent the world of coachbuilding with a blend modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Paul Stephens Le Mans Classic

The Best Modified Porsche 911s
The Best Modified Porsche 911s
The Best Modified Porsche 911s

Paul Stephens is well established in the world of restored and modified Porsches, but the new Le Mans Classic might just be his finest work yet. Limited to just 10 examples to celebrate 10 years of Le Mans Classic, each costs £250,000 dependant upon specification.

The process begins by restoring a classic 911 body shell before converting it to Clubsport specification. A comprehensive weight loss program includes de-seamed roof panels, aluminium bonnet, composite bumpers, and more aerodynamically efficient mirrors.

The car can be had in either 1075kg Clubsport or 970kg Lightweight trim, each powered by a 300bhp 3.4-litre flat-six. A host of engine enhancements combined with the car’s sheer lack of weight enables a 0-60mph time as brisk as 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 175mph.