The Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 with some memorable runs up the hill. Here are 10 of the very best from the event

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 proved to be a vintage year with some of the most iconic cars on the planet charging up the hill and wowing the crowds. There was something for everyone with star cars including the original Bullitt Mustang, record-breaking all-electric Volkswagen I.D. R, and even Fangio’s Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. With so much good stuff in attendance we’ve distilled a list of the ten best Goodwood moments of 2018

Mercedes CLK LM and Bernd Schneider reunited


If you’re a fan of Le Mans legends, the Mercedes-Benz CLK LM wouldn't have disappointed. Bernd Schneider returned to the hot seat of the FIA GT Championship winning car for a demo run up the hill. This Silver Arrow sounded glorious with its naturally-aspirated V8 roaring into life once again.

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The lost Bullitt Mustang


Thought to be lost to the sands of time, one of two original 1968 Bullitt Mustangs from the cult film earned huge cheers from the crowd. It gets better… The Highland Green movie star was joined by its Dodge Charger R/T co-star after 50 years apart to reignite memories of one of the most celebrated cars chases of all time.

Fangio’s Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR


There are few racing drivers as prolific as Juan Manuel Fangio, and while the great man is no longer with us, his 300 SLR is. The car that finished second in the 1955 Mille Miglia positively gleamed in the summer sun on Goodwood’s starting line. But who is worthy of piloting such a slice of history? Multiple motorbike world champion Giacomo Agostini took car 658 for a spin.

BTCC Volvo 850 Estate Super Touring Car


The British Touring Car Championship has many fan favourites, but the Volvo 850 has to be one of the most popular. It made its debut in 1994 and finished 8th overall — so not a winner in racing, but a winner in the hearts of every dog owner.

Ford RS200 Pikes Peak crash


Last year a Ford RS200 Evo 2 ended up in the hay due to driver error; this year a modified Pikes Peak contender met the same fate. This time it wasn’t the driver’s fault as the car suffered a spectacular aerodynamic failure. The entire clamshell blew itself inside-out at precisely the moment its driver needed the downforce those surfaces generate.

Volkswagen I.D. R record run


They say that electric cars are the future and Volkswagen I.D. R certainly showed the performance potential for EVs at Goodwood. Not content with becoming the fastest car to climb Pike Peak, the all-electric racer set about obliterating the Goodwood hillclimb record for electric cars. It took just over 43 seconds to ascend the 1.16-mile course, less than 2 seconds slower than the McLaren MP4/13 that currently holds the overall record.

70 years of Porsche parade


The German sports car maker celebrated its 70th Birthday at Goodwood with a very special collection of cars. Some of the most significant models from the past headed up the hill with the very first Porsche 356 joining its successors.

Handsome Eagle Mk1


Regarded as one of the most beautiful Grand Prix cars ever, Martin Brundell displayed Dan Gurney’s Eagle Mk1. Its cigar shaped body and protruding exhaust pipes might appear alien to younger Formula One fans, but it certainly left an impression as it thundered to the finish line.

Special Maserati MC12 GT1

Top 10 Goodwood 2018 moments

The Maserati MC12 is an incredible machine for many reasons, not least because it’s based on a Ferrari Enzo. Homologated for the FIA GT1 class, Michael Bartels took the car to victory many times and at Goodwood he got the chance to relive those memories. MC12s are rare beasts as it is, but the car used at Goodwood this year donned a special livery marking 100 years of Maserati.

Screaming Williams FW26


14 years is a lifetime in the world of Formula One as the rate of technological advancement is truly astonishing. The Williams FW36 might be three generations old now, but marks the pinnacle of the V10 era. Its 3.0-litre BMW engine was the most powerful on the grid at the time and can rev to 20,000rpm. Ex-F1 driver Karun Chandhok took Juan Pablo Montoya’s Williams up the hill.