There are still bargains out there, despite rising prices. Some are yet to be discovered, others have peaked then flattened-off in value. Which would you buy? Here's five solid favourites


Some pretty special vehicles slipped under the radar during the mid-1990s. Far from best sellers or trumpeted groundbreakers, instead they offered something else; sheer cool and bold statements. Descending into the used car market, the likes of Volvo's 850 T5-R and Peugeot 406 Coupé bounced along the bottom of the price trough. Bought for cheap as a result of either a muted or non-existent club following, the tables have finally turned for those 90s' designs which dared to be different.

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We’ve rounded up five of them here. You may gufaw at a number of our choices, however as cheap investments guaranteed to climb the price ladder, these modern classics didn’t just move the game forward back in the day, they are astoundingly useable as an intersting daily on conteporary roads. Looking to purchase a second-hand Mondeo from the forecourt across town? Nah - here's some muscle that won't cause tears of depreciation.