The ultimate Christmas gifts for classic car enthusiasts

What are you hoping for this Christmas? If you've avoided Santa's naughty list you might be receiving one of these ultimate classic car gifts


Ultimate Christmas gifts for classic car enthusiasts

It’s that time of year when Santa Claus comes to town and delivers gifts to those well-behaved boys and girls. If you’ve managed to avoid the naughty list this year, and are a real petrolhead, we’ve found some of the ultimate presents you could wish for. From Porsche-designed sunglasses to dream driving experiences, here’s our top 10 list for classic car enthusiasts.


10. Mechanic's MEGAKIT 60140

We’re always tinkering with our classics or on that seemingly never-ending project car, but we wouldn’t be able to get much done without our tools. This appropriately named 'Mechanic's MEGAKIT' comes with over 700 tools for just about every job imaginable. Better yet, they are all neatly arranged in a mobile storage unit so you needn’t worry about misplacing that 12mm combination spanner.

It’s currently for sale on Amazon for just under £3000 ($3800).


9. Porsche P’8657 sunglasses

At this time of year your classic Porsche 911 is likely tucked away in hibernation, but soon summer will return and it will be free once again. But what’s the point in cruising around in your 901 or 930 Turbo if you don't look the part? These Porsche Design retro sunglasses are available in a variety of colours, including a classic gold and black tint combo.

The Porsche shop will gladly sell you a pair for £377 (around $480).


8. 1980s hot hatchback experience

For those wishing to relive their youth or rediscover the golden age of the hot hatchback, this is the gift for you. Choose four '80s hatchbacks from a selection that includes icons such as the Renault Clio Williams and Volkswagen Golf GTI for 12 miles of tyre squealing fun on a race track.

Buy a Gift will allow you to choose from seven locations within the UK where these hot hatches can really show you what they are made of.


7. Porsche 917 Gulf Racing Egg Chair

The Gulf Racing livery makes everything look awesome, but combine it with another distinctive design such as the 1960s 'egg chair' and what you have is art. This chair takes inspiration from the legendary Porsche 917 racer and is built by a company called Racing & Emotion in America.

These retro chairs are made to order, each created bespoke to its buyer.


6. Scalextric C1362 Arc One American Classics Race Set

We are all big kids at heart, and that’s why any petrolhead would love this Mustang vs Camaro classic Scalextric set. Recreate historic races with these detailed cars and use your smartphone to monitor who clocks the fastest lap. Choose from nine different track layouts and settle which muscle car is the greatest once and for all.

Amazon is listing this for £118 (around $150).


5. Morgan Factory Tour

The Morgan Motor Company is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern motoring, the factory in Malvern, UK is a very special place indeed. For less than £25 ($31) you can visit and watch these handmade cars take shape.


4. Pashley-Morgan 3 Bike

Sticking with Morgan, these retro bikes are the result of a collaboration between two historic businesses. Morgan and Pashley created these beautiful push-bikes inspired by the design work of each company over the past century.

We’d go form the Pashley-Morgan 3 finished in traditional British Racing Green. A walnut laminated wood veneer short mudguard and matching chainguard makes this a classy bike indeed. It also has a dynamo that powers a front headlamp as you cycle along.


3. 1:8 McLaren F1 LM and signed copy of Gordon Murray’s 'Driving Ambition’

Those of us who collect beautiful models of cars we’ll likely never own will be familiar with Amalgam. They produce some of the finest large scale models in the world, in this case of the incredible McLaren F1 LM. This model also comes with a signed copy of Gordon Murray’s book 'Driving Ambition' so you can really understand the car from the designers perspective.

It might cost £8,845 ($11,000) but you’ll be the envy of all your friends.


2. Healey vs Triumph Drive

Great Driving Days is offering an amazing opportunity to test two iconic British sports cars back to back. Start off in a highly original Triumph TR6 and enjoy all that is great about the lightweight sports car, then switch into the powerful 3.8-litre Healey MkIV for the ultimate comparison.

This experience is currently on sale costing just £99 ($125).


1. 1962 Ferrari 268 SP Front End Replica

This might be the ultimate in excess, but imagine how good it would look in your living room! A 1:1 scale replica of the front section of a Ferrari 268 SP. The car served as a testbed for the future of mid-engined V8 Ferraris and also went on to race at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1962.

It can be wall mounted or freestanding for your perfect household Ferrari tribute. However, it will set you back £13,500 ($17,000).


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