Porsche's guide to driving a 911 around Stuttgart

Porsche is known by petrolheads for being based in Stuttgart, but do people know that much about Stuttgart? Porsche has planned a driving tour centered around its famous 911


Touring Porsche's home city... in a Porsche

Florian and Simon Roser have taken a classic Porsche on a tour of Stuttgart, Porsche's home city and the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Not any tour though, they're ignoring the obvious tourist route and gone for something a bit more special...



Once the residence of the last King of Württemberg, Wilhelm II, the palace located directly on the Charlottenplatz is now the home of the City Museum. At the end of 2017, a special exhibition was dedicated to the hip-hop collective ‘Kolchose’. Those who prefer things a little more classical will find art from the 14th century up to the present day in the directly adjacent Stuttgart State Gallery.


Feuersee Lake

The 'Roserbrothers' describe this lake as provides an 'inviting central setting for an after-work beer' next to a large church and a promenade. This part of the tours requires getting out of your car, especially if you want to see the ‘wild’ turtles that have made the Feuersee their home for a number of years. There's an annual Feuersee festival – several days of art, food and entertainment - and nearby is the Schwabtunnel – the oldest car tunnel in the world.


Marienplatz Square

Location of the famous 'Zacke': the only rack railway in Germany, and with an incline of up to 17.8%. The top provides a panorama of the city. The square is one of the most popular places in the city, and following the B14 road from there takes you past the newly renovated and impressive Wilhelmspalais.


City Centre

You can’t get much more central than this – but individually run cafés and restaurants still hold their own here against the competition from large chains. There is plenty happening here – it is a nightlife area too. Next, its a drive towards the city's East Quarter. It extends from the Schlossgarten Park to the River Neckar, and is the 'Roserbrothers' focal point.


East Stuttgart

At first it might seem a little behind the times, but you discover a unique charm when you take a closer look. According to the 'Roserbrothers' it also has the best ice cream in the city in the Schleckerei ice-cream parlour at Landhausstraße 154.


European Quarter

The City Library, designed by Korean Eun Young Yi, attracts architectural photographers, who would've previously taken shots of the old goods yard. The stock exchange and bank buildings are also there now, next to the main railway station. The tour from here heads to the countryside.


Stuttgart surroundings

Stuttgart is located in a valley, which means that on some days the air stands still. It’s therefore good that there is nearby countryside to visit. The 'Rosebrothers' drive out of the city isn't long before they're surrounded by nature. There's lots of small, attractive villages that are inviting for a quick stop. In the nearby Besigheim, the clocks tick more slowly, and is on the way to the Porsche Museum.


Porsche Museum

In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen sits the headquarters and history of Porsche. The futuristic building on Porscheplatz catches the eye immediately, and the building will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. The ‘70 years of Porsche Sports Cars’ exhibition, which includes the first Porsche production car, runs here until January 2019.

The other highlights of the city, such as the zoo and botanical garden, Tübinger Straße, and the large flea market which takes place on Karlsplatz every Saturday are best visited on foot. But hopefully there's enough of the city to entertain you by car.


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