Top 10 James Bond cars of all time

Today is James Bond day and to celebrate we've put together a list of 007's greatest cars - from the classic Goldfinger Aston Martin to that bright yellow 2CV


Top 10 James Bond Cars of All Time

The name’s Bond… James Bond. Today is officially International James Bond day and if you are in London you might spot some hidden James Bond stars dotted around the capital! If you can’t reach the home of MI6 today, fear not as to celebrate 007 day we have collated the top 10 ‘Bond cars’ of all time. These vehicles are sure to leave you both shaken and stirred.


Bentley Blower

A Bentley? That’s right, Aston Martin was never originally Bond’s transportation of choice with the spy opting for his own personal Blower Bentley in the first books. 65 years ago Casino Royale brought readers into the world of 007 where Bond's 1931 4.5-litre Bentley was his 'only personal hobby’.


Aston Martin DB5

Introduced in what is now one of the most iconic James Bond films, Goldfinger, the gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 was as charismatic as 007 himself. Machine guns hidden behind the headlights, oil slick, bulletproof shield, and that ejector seat showed the world that this British sports car was not one to be trifled with.

The DB5 is an icon of the James Bond and continues to appear throughout the franchise.


Lotus Esprit

When Sean Connery was Bond he was loyal to Aston, however, Roger Moore’s bond was more partial to a Lotus. This wedge-shaped beauty wasn’t just talented on country roads when being chased by the baddies, Q-branch also designed the Esprit to function underwater as a submarine. In one dramatic scene the car plunges into the ocean before beginning its underwater transformation.

The story goes that Lotus left a prototype Esprit outside the James Bond production office in order to temp producers into a switch from Aston Martin.


Citroen 2CV

“I love a drive in the country, don’t you” quips Bond as the underpowered Citroen 2CV flies through a forest. This almost comical getaway shows the French car’s versatility as the villains cumbersome saloon cars struggled through narrow streets and country roads.

Citroen actually went on to produce a special 007 edition of the car.



James Bond’s switch to BMW was a shambolic piece of product placement, but the rare BMW Z8 that featured in The World is Not Enough was arguably the most worthy. Equipped heatseeking missiles, it didn’t quite have the firepower to prevent it from being cut in half by a giant buzzsaw.


Aston Martin Vanquish

After a three movie hiatus, Aston Martin return to partner Bond on his Die Another Day Mission. The achingly beautiful Vanquish was selected and arrived with just about every gadget you could squeeze into its Ian Callum designed bodywork.

The car is often criticised for its farfetched ability to turn invisible, but you can’t fault the fantastic ice lake chase sequence the sees it go toe-to-toe with a Jaguar XKR.


Aston Martin DBS

Daniel Craig introduced a more modern take on Bond in the movie Casino Royal. A new era befitting a new car, in this case devilishly handsome Aston Martin DBS. No gadgets to speak of, just a dramatic driving sequence and that glorious V12 soundtrack.

The chase sequence ends with bond flipping the DBS, something that earned ex-Top Gear Stig and stunt driver Ben Collins a world record.

The DBS returned for the opening scenes of Quantum of Solace.


Aston Martin V8

James Bond made good use of his Aston Martin Vantage in The Living Daylights to make an escape through the snow. Sadly, 007 had to use the self-destruct function, but before that he managed to traverse the snow thanks to the car’s deployable skis and jet engine.

R.I.P Aston.


Ford Mondeo

Ok, this is yet another piece of product placement and arguably doesn’t deserve a place in this list, but hear us out. This is likely the only James Bond car on this list that any of us mere mortals can afford on own. It gave ‘Mondeo man’ his few minutes of fame.


Aston Martin DB10

The Aston Martin DB10 was made bespoke for the James Bond film Spectre where it was chased through Rome by an equally impressive Jaguar CX75. Just a handful of these 4.7-litre V8 sports cars were built for the film with just one being auctioned off for £2.4 million or $3.1 million.

The DB10 went on to inspire the new Aston Martin Vantage.

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