Top 10 classic car wheel designs

A car's styling is made up of more than just its bodywork – it needs a set of wheels to match. Satisfy your inner car geek with these top 10 classic wheel designs


Top 10 classic wheel designs

Almost anyone can appreciate a good looking car, but it takes a special kind of enthusiast to admire the nuts and bolts that make it. While the majority would glaze-over at the mention of alloy wheels at the dinner table, we could talk all night about iconic designs. Here’s our top 10 wheel designs.


10. Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is a pretty iconic car as a whole, but those chrome-domed steel wheels are very unique. Newer retro cars have made copy-cat attempts, but you can’t beat the original. Team them with a whitewall tyre to complete the vintage Beetle look.


9. BMW M3 E30: Basket Weaves

These look great on any incarnation of E30 M3, but even more so on this Evo model pictured. Called ‘Basket Weaves’ these stylised alloys are also found on other sporty BMWs and are a popular aftermarket fit for those seeking a classic look.


8. Mazda MX-5 / Miata / Eunos Roadster: Daisy Wheels

Well known to anyone who has spent time with the world’s most popular sports car, these relatively simplistic alloys are the embodiment of the car on which they reside. Light, inexpensive, and ideal for the task at hand.


7. Porsche 935: BBS Turbofan

BBS Turbofan wheels first made their appearance on the Porsche 935, effectively as an aerodynamic aid. Engineers were just getting to grips with how turbulence distorts downforce on racing cars, this covered wheel dramatically reduced ‘dirty air’ spilling out of the spokes at speed.


6. Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition: Steel Wheels

While high performance cars strive for lightweight alloys, sometimes beauty can be found at the other end of the spectrum. This old-school, but highly functional, steel wheel on the Defender Heritage Edition harks back to the models 67-year history. Wrapped in chunky off-road rubber, all 400 Heritage Edition Defenders received a set finished in Grasmere Green to match the bodywork.


5. Lamborghini Murcielago

When the Volkswagen Group first bought Lamborghini there were concerns that the flamboyant Italian firm would be neutered somewhat. Thankfully, the raging bull’s first new car in 11 years lived up to the history of the brand. The Murcielago sported a set on intricate rims that harked back to the Countach and Diablo. They suited this dramatic supercar very well.


4. Ferrari F40: Speedline

Instantly recognisable as belonging to arguably the most iconic Ferrari road car of all time, these Speedline centre-locking rims complimented the race-bred F40. The dished five-spoke alloys might be highly functional, but they are also amongst the most stylish in the world of classic cars.


3. Subaru Impreza WRC: Speedline Corse Type 2013C

These motorsport wheels featured on many rally cars, but none more famous than the golden set attached to Colin McRae’s Subaru Impreza. There are many iconic images out there of the Scotsman jumping his blue and gold steed in spectacular fashion.

Speedline has recently announced that it will again make the Type 2013C using the original tooling.


2. Porsche 911: Fuchs

First appearing in the 1960s, the legendary Fuchs alloy wheel design has evolved over the decades and remains synonymous with Porsche. These forged alloys looked at their best on a Carrera RS 2.7 with brightly painted centres to match the Carrera stripe running between the wheelbase.


1. Jaguar E-Type: Wire Wheels

When someone says classic car, these are the wheels you think of. The Jaguar E-Type wasn’t the first car to wear these multi-spoke wire wheels, but it has become the most iconic. Their intricate styling blends formal chrome work with motorsport-inspired design.


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