McLaren Special Operations: Making your supercar unique

McLaren’s MSO department can meet your every desire when it comes to bespoke colours, materials and even bodywork. Our latest video reveals all…

Picture the scene… You’ve just bought a brand-new supercar and you decided to take it somewhere glamorous to run it in – say, Monaco. You park up and enjoy a lovely meal, but return to your motor to find two other near-identical supercars parked either side. All of a sudden your special purchase isn’t so special. Thankfully, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) can help.

When you make a big purchase such as a supercar, it should be a special moment that’s unique to you. To this end, the talents at MSO are the dreamweavers of the automotive world who hark back to the days of coachbuilding. Your new McLaren can be tailored to your exacting specification, with your only real limitations being your imagination and budget.

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You can create your own colour, experiment with unusual finishes and incorporate the materials that you desire. If your ambition and bank balance are in equilibrium, McLaren can even build you a car unlike any other, such as the X-1 – a real modern-day coachbuilt machine.

MSO will help guide you through the process with computer-generated imagery and examples of what your new pride and joy could look like. MSO has created several cars over the years to show off what it is capable of, including the McLaren 720S Velocity with its mesmerising paint, the Black Collection cars with their stealthy details and an MSO example of the new 600LT that turns things up to 11. However, the department’s best work to date comes in the form of McLaren Senna 001.

David Kyte is the car’s lucky owner, and he immediately took his new toy on an 870-mile road trip from the factory. Not only does this Senna possess intricate paintwork, but there’s an abundance of exquisite details that honour the car’s namesake. Ayrton Senna’s signature can be found in the door shuts, his championship-winning years are engraved on the throttle pedal, and Senna logos appear on the wing endplates. It is a truly special example of a spectacular machine.

McLaren Special Operations might not be the only bespoke automotive programme out there, but it’s certainly one of the best. Find out more here.

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