10 great classic cars for sale on AutoClassics this week

There's something here for everyone – a £16k Porsche, the first Ferrari F50, a Golf GTI, Clive Owen's JBA Falcon and the oddest Volvo you can buy. Which one has your name on it?


2000 Ferrari 360 Modena F1

Built over a ten-day period beginning March 13, 2000, this Ferrari 360 was factory optioned with red brake calipers, six-disc CD changer (since replaced), rear Challenge grille (now replaced with a standard panel), leather headlining and Xenon headlamps. First registered in April 2000, the Ferrari has enjoyed a meticulous maintenance schedule since then, presented in rude health.

Enough of that – how fast is it? Well, you’ll hit 60mph from a standstill in around 4.3 seconds and breach 190mph for fun. Far cooler than its F50 brethren and way more powerful than most cars of this asking price – a mere £59,990.

You can view the car here


1983 Volkswagen Golf MkI

The original Volkswagen Golf Mk1 was just as popular with thieves as it was legitimate owners. Offering sparkling performance in practical hatchback form with the handling characteristics of a demented terrier, the Golf GTI found favour in the hands of teenage yobs and Oxford dons alike. Often found in hedges across the nation, either on fire or upside down or both, insurance prices were sky high and kept values low. Until recently.

With the majority of first-generation Golf GTIs dispatched through the ether of time, we are left to fight over the good ones, keeping market values more than healthy. That’s why this one is such a steal for just under £10k. Finished in black with an original cloth interior, alongside an abundance of service history and a full MoT – what more could you possible want?

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1948 Jeep GPW

If you believe the original Land Rover remains 4x4 genesis, you’ll want to consult the history books. Long before us Brits perfected the utilitarian off-road formula, the good ol’ USA had set out the stall with Willy’s Nazi-bashing, all-out war machine – the General Purpose vehicle, or ‘Jeep’ as it became known.

Naturally, most of the 640,000 Jeeps made during wartime have long since met their maker, but production didn’t stop with the overrule of Adolf Hitler. This one is from 1948, built by Willys under license from Ford. The engine isn’t original but it is a correct replacement, whereas the three-speed manual transmission and chassis are in great condition.

You can see more of this Jeep for sale here


FIA Compliant Ford Escort MkI Racer

The original Ford Escort of 1968 appeared harmless. Like meeting your grandad down the local pub for a game of dominos. Well, this one has been pumped with steroids and is prepared for racetrack dominance.

Under the bonnet lurks a 2.0-litre 16-valve Pinto engine with Wossner forged pistons, Kent camshafts and timing gears alongside ARP bolts and Twin 48 downdraught Del'Ortos. Not enough for you? Besides the five-speed Type 9 gearbox is a balanced one-piece propshaft, Salisbury all-steel LSD and drilled and grooved brake discs all round. The best part? It’s fully FIA compliant and ready to race!

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1987 Jaguar XJ-S V12

This is not a sportscar, it’s far better than that. Sporting a 5.3-litre V12 engine capable of 150mph and realistically completing 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds, it’s all the grace of an E-type without the crippling market value. This XJ-S is a cracker, having had only one owner who used the Jaguar sparingly.

That means the odometer hasn’t even rolled over 15,000km yet, with rust-free bodywork and an engine bay so clean you could eat your dinner from it. Everything is tight and snug as though it just left the factory. As a 1987 timewarp this takes some beating…

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2005 Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster S takes a bashing from those hell-bent on 911 supremacy, but the ‘entry level’ Porsche makes great sense, especially when available for under £16k. That’s an awful lot of car and performance for Audi A3 money.

This one is in Arctic Silver Metallic with a Stone Grey leather interior. Rolling on 19in Carrera S wheels, you’ve also got cruise control, climate control and a full-service history – not to mention the ability to smoke almost any other road-going sportscar.

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1977 Lincoln Mark V Bill Bass Edition

American cars are somewhat divisive with petrolheads. Some find them too brash and too big, too thirsty and too cumbersome. Well, they don’t come much more bombastic than this 1977 Lincoln Mark V – in Bill Bass Edition no less.

What does that get you? How does a butterscotch leather interior, dark blue paintwork, power seats, electric windows and moon roof grab you? You can get a closer look here if you fancy a slice of 1970s’ Americana for only $8k. It apparently runs as new – perfect for looking as dangerous as possible to bystanders, family and friends alike.

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1995 Ferrari F50

When it comes to bedroom poster supercars, Ferrari's F50 remains the perfect example. Such was its popularity as a piece of art, it was even included on stamps for countries as far away as Afghanistan and Sierra Leone – something reserved purely for historical legends.

If you need further proof that the F50 became a legend in its own time, buy one and take it out on the road. Better yet, why not go for a really special one like this – the very first F50 ever made. Just to whet your appetite, this F50 also holds the prestigious chassis number of #99999 - the last ever five-digit car to leave the Maranello production line before the company moved on to its 100,000th unit. These things matter you know…

We explore why this Ferrari makes a great classic purchase


Famous: Clive Owen’s 1976 JBA Falcon

After a film car without the eye watering pricetag? One of only six JBAs plated up for ‘Chancer’, an ITV series starring Clive Owen, this JBA from the classifieds was driven by Owen on screen and comes with full provenance.

Built using Ford Cortina running gear, under the sculpted bonnet loiters a 2.0-litre Pinto engine. It may sound weedy but with such a light frame the JBA makes for a punchy bit of unusual motoring. Presented in rude health, the JBA holds an MoT until May 2019 and is exempt from road tax due to its age. Get your moody 1990s cassette out for a trip down culture’s memory lane…

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Wild Card: 1995 Volvo 480 2.0i

Looking for something different yet quirky? This Volvo 480 is right up your street. It’s top spec, too – offering torque and mind-numbing fuel consumption courtesy of Volvo’s 2.0-litre fuel-injected powerplant. As an ES level specification, there’s part-leather seats and an automatic gearbox, not to mention a (once) state-of-the-art tape deck and radio.

The interior design sports the definition of ‘snazzy’, with bouffant styling amid 1990s plastics and innovation. You’ll be far removed from the problems of modern society after the shortest of journeys behind the bendy steering wheel of this Waif-look throwback.

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