Beginner's guide to the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is a unique event that attracts visitors from all over the world. Vintage racing, boutique fashion, and amazing displays all serve to transport you back in time. Here's our beginner's guide.

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Dress to impress

One of the things that makes Goodwood Revival so unique is its attention to detail. The weekend exists inside a time-bubble of nostalgia and a celebration of ‘the good old days’. Everyone makes an effort when it comes to wardrobe with gentlemen usually opting for tweed or officers uniforms, and the women indulging in some great fashions of days gone by.

You don’t have to dress up — but everyone else will — so why not join in? A trip to the charity shop is often all it takes and is well worth it.


Time machine

The Duke of Richmond and his crack-team put on quite the show, sparing no expense. Period correct signage decorates the surroundings as does much of the vintage paraphernalia. The sights, smells and sounds all aim to form a high standard of authenticity.

You really could believe that time travel was possible at Goodwood.


Is it a bird?

Vintage aircraft also get their time in the spotlight with a morning airshow and ground display. Fascinating war-birds such as rare reconnaissance Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes are perfect props for those sporting RAF uniforms.

The UK has a proud engineering past, something that was put to good use during wartime.


The paddock

The paddock area is a great opportunity to see the hard work that goes into preparing vintage cars for racing. Clinking of spanners, glugging from jerrycans, even the occasional expletive as a 50 year-old nut and bolt puts up a fight.

It’s a fantastic atmosphere to soak up and a must-see for visitors of all ages.


Get with the programme

Not only is a programme a nice memento of the day, but it’s also an essential guide to what is going on. Revival is packed full of must-see events such as the fashion show and air show, let alone all of the on track action. You need to know what’s happening and when in order to make the most of your day.


Track position

Watching the action at the Goodwood Revival is as easy as pitching up at a fence and soaking up this historic event. However, there are better places to watch than others.

The Chicane is the Holy Grail, but in order to spectate there you’ll need a seated ticket for the best view. Madgwick is the very fast first corner of the track and always delivers on drama, better yet you don’t need a special ticket for a great view.


Something for the ladies

Revival isn’t just about the cars. A great amount of energy goes into creating the vintage boutique shops and stalls. Everything from jewellery to chocolate can be sampled and purchased with some items for sale that can’t be found elsewhere.

The fashion show celebrates design through the decades and forms a spectacular event. Ladies wanting to look the part can pop into the salon for an era appropriate hair style.


The Racing

The historic racing that takes place throughout the day is fantastic! Seeing these magnificent machines battle it out once again is a rare sight indeed. Everything from 60’s Grand Prix racers and million-pound Ferraris, to plucky little Austin Minis take to the grid.

If you love motorsport, this will be the highlight of your day. Don’t miss the Kinrara Trophy as its grid features over £200 million worth of cars.

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