Top 5 famous Land Rover drivers

What do the super stylish drive? Land Rovers! From Steve McQueen to Clint Eastwood, AutoClassics run down some of the biggest names to fall in love with Britain's humble workhorse


Steve McQueen

The trusty Land Rover gained quite a following across the pond. Burt Reynolds was reportedly a fan and Elvis Presley apparently scrutinised a Series I when visiting Hollywood. However, the greatest American icon to have confirmed ownership of a Landy is Steve McQueen.

He bought himself a Series IIA in 1963 before embarking on a family camping holiday in the mountains of Sierra Madre. How long he kept the vehicle remains unknown, but we would imagine the Landy served him well for many years.


Paul McCartney

The Beatles megastar kept a Land Rover Series I at his Scottish farm back in the 1960s. According to McCartney, the Landy was the inspiration behind the hit song ‘Helen’s Wheels’. He even appeared with the vehicle in various publications, often perched on the bumper with his family, to reassure fans he was still alive after the ‘Paul is Dead’ claims of 1966.


Billy Connolly

The Big Yin has always driven Land Rovers. Connolly toured Ireland in his bright yellow Defender for a televised stand-up tour and even attested another Defender’s strength for saving his life during a car accident near Aberdeen back in 2007.

He piloted a Range Rover Classic around Scotland for a documentary series back in 1994 and has since driven nothing but. Billy even includes his Range Rover in his stand-up where he can. Check this bit out, but mind the swearing!


Robin Williams

In a 1979 TIME Magazine interview on his rise to fame as Mork in ABC SitCom Mork & Mindy, Williams said he was going to ‘stick to driving his 1966 Land Rover’ as opposed to a flashier car because ‘I can’t deal with new cars. I like a car that’s like me — you never know what’s going to happen next.’

During the late 1990 and early 2000s, Williams was spotted behind the wheel of a NAS 110, the incredibly rare North American Specification long-wheelbase Defender.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has long been a fan of Land Rover. The Series III 109” from Cliffhanger was his own personal vehicle, whereas the taxis from 1995’s Judge Dredd were based on Land Rover’s 101 Forward Control. There’s even a Series IIA in Cobra – we bet you didn’t know that…

Stallone’s love for the Land Rover Defender resurfaced during The Expendables franchise, with specially modified six-wheeled 110s used during the opening sequence of The Expendables II.


Clint Eastwood

While filming the underrated and lesser-known epic White Hunter, Black Heart, Eastwood was so impressed by the British workhorse and its heritage that he gave various examples extended screen time to showcase their abilities. It has even been suggested he took one back to the States with him, reputedly being spotted driving around the Warner Bros. studio lot in one.

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