Clive Owen’s 1976 JBA from TV series 'Chancer' for sale!

It was badged as a 'Douglas Leopard' and used by actor and celebrity Clive Owen in the 1990 TV series 'Chancer' – and it's for sale on AutoClassics

The synopsis for 1990 TV series Chancer sounds like the usual B-movie nonsense: a young business adviser with a strict moral code helps friends and clients out with financial difficulties, while a sordid past haunts his every waking moment. It’s The Equalizer with a calculator.

Except, Chancer was genuinely gripping. A lifelike documentary feel added dollops of reality to what could have become just another piece of TV obscurity, aided by pre-Hollywood leading man Clive Owen. It may appear dated to those stumped by the concept of analogue radio, but the haunting soundtrack, cinematography and story remain riveting. And then there are the cars, including this one

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Based in the broad-suited financial world that saw out the 1980s, there’s lashings of Jaguar XJ40s (one of which ends up in a canal), Mercedes-Benz saloons and all manner of Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Volvos – not to mention the plethora of now-classic Land Rovers when ‘out in the country’.

However, there was a star car above all else – the JBA Falcon. For the first of two seasons, Clive Owen’s character helped to revive a failing car brand manufacturing ‘Douglas Leopard’ sportscars. Several JBA Falcons were rebadged to masquerade as the fictional vehicle, all driven with gusto on screen – even if some didn't make it out alive…

This one did. One of only six JBAs plated up for the ITV series, our JBA from the classifieds was driven by Clive Owen on screen and comes with full provenance.

Built using Ford Cortina running gear, under the sculpted bonnet loiters a 2.0-litre Pinto engine. It may sound weedy but with such a light frame the JBA makes for a punchy bit of unusual motoring.

The first JBA Falcon roadster arrived in 1982, a project operated by a group of ex-British Leyland engineers. The company manufactured cars in small numbers until 2004, when the company was bought before then falling into administration in 2006. Some examples ended up with Rover V8 powerplants, making for 150bhp mayhem in an already skittish vehicle.

Thankfully, the previous owner of this TV car saw sense and kept everything original. Presented in rude health, the JBA holds an MoT until May 2019 and is exempt from road tax due to its age. Get a closer look with the classified advert.

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