Classifieds Hero: The actual Eleanor Ford Mustang

One of 15 Ford Mustangs immortalised by the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds is currently for sale in the AutoClassics Classifieds

Regardless of whether you prefer HB ‘Toby’ Halicki’s 1974 original or the millennial remake starring Angelina Jolie, Vinnie Jones, Christopher Eccleston and some guy called Nicolas Cage, Gone in 60 Seconds remains the movie title most petrolheads return to for plot-free mayhem and four-wheeled chaos.

Debate over which incarnation of the film is most watchable will forever rage between those of a film persuasion, but one thing is undeniable; the real hero of both will always be the Ford Mustang.

The original star, a 1971 Ford Mustang in drag to resemble the newer Mach I, performed all the stunts on public roads – including the climax jump and real spin-off accident – resulting in a vehicle unlikely to pass any safety inspection. This Mustang still survives, having been repaired between takes, but if you seek it out chances are it won’t be for sale.

What is for sale is the next best thing – ‘Eleanor’. A name made famous among American car aficionados by the remake from 2000, as Nicolas Cage’s primary companion for the latter half of the movie, Eleanor has a reputation for dividing opinion between the church of Mustang's devout followers.

While it may appear as a Shelby GT 500, it’s an imposter. Crafted and born out of various different Mustang bits from differing models, the Ford/Shelby film star hybrid leaves purists foaming at the mouth with indignation.

Yet, who really cares about the finer details? This Mustang has already proven its strength, desirability and resilience after 18 years in the limelight. As an icon of pop culture and personifying the American muscle car identity, Eleanor is a thing of beauty. Just looking at it makes us all go weak at the knees.

Very rarely does such a vehicle come up for sale – so this is your chance! We have to admit that 15 stunt cars were employed for the big stuff – except the CGI nonsense, of which we will gloss over with rose-tinted glasses – making this example far from unique; certainly with the number of copycats and replicas out there. However, employed for close ups on screen alongside promotional efforts, this is the real deal.

Should the Hollywood gravitas not quite do it for you, the insane number of upgrades would easily sway your opinion. Besides £25,000 worth of 428 Cobra engine upgrades, the Mustang has been sympathetically renovated to keep its fuel injection system, automatic transmission and full black leather interior. Lurking within the fierce stance you can also find:

  • A Concept One pulley system
  • Full black leather Carroll Shelby Signature Seats
  • Simpson 5 Point Camlock Seatbelts
  • Carrol Shelby Signatures Gauges
  • Wood Grain Aluminium Steering
  • Original Shelby 427 Wheels
  • Authentic Carroll Shelby Exterior Fibreglass Enhancements
  • Shelby Tail Lights
  • Carroll Shelby GT 500 CR Emblems
  • Shelby Racing Fuel Cap
  • Electric Fuel Pump
  • Shelby Brakes
  • Trunk Mounted Battery
  • MSD Ignition

This is only part of the features list, of which you can find the full whack within the AutoClassics classified advert.

Previously owned by footballer Samuel Eto'o, Eleanor has also been showcased in the London Motor Museum. Sought after, highly imitated but never bettered and offering celluloid history like no other, the asking price to those unaware may appear steep - but the actual Eleanor is a steal for less than £100k.

We wouldn’t hang around should you be interested. To the right party, this Mustang wouldn’t take as long as 60 seconds to find a home.

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