Classifieds Hero: Lamborghini Miura S

Looking for a Lambo with a difference? This Miura S with desirable extras is currently residing within the AutoClassics classifieds

The S version of the Miura began terrorising the road-going public in 1969, but in retrospect it wasn’t all that far removed from the original fire-snorting P400.

Bob Wallace, Lamborghini’s development test driver, felt the urge to explore the Miura’s enormous chassis potential; he even went as far as to build his own test-bed prototype. Contemporary reports claim his version was blisteringly fast, bullying basic-spec examples on the track while also solving early stability problems.

This ‘Jota’ was so impressive and genuinely cutting edge that only a small number of improvements incorporated in Wallace’s Miura ended up on the SV.

The actual Jota was destroyed after a crash in 1972, piloted by a driver who was clearly unable to cope with the Lamborghini’s brutal power delivery. Finding one of the original SV models for sale is virtually impossible, but we have the next best thing in the classifieds.

This stunning Jota evocation is based on a Miura S, which was delivered new to Japan and spent most of its time out there. The Lamborghini’s previous owner set out to create a supercar whose resemblance to the original Jota specification was more than only skin deep. Besides being as close to the real deal as possible without breaching the realms of financial sanity, the model is accompanied by file that includes comprehensive photo records and bills equating to £365,000-plus.

This hefty amount of work includes producing a set of bespoke, hand-formed aluminium body panels with exposed rivets, and fitting a specially modified SV engine. This took place alongside a stunning ground-up restoration – resulting in build quality that exceeds that of anything produced by the actual factory in period. The engine bay shouldn’t catch fire when the carburettor goes pop, either.

Further work has been undertaken since the car landed in the UK, resulting in a show-stopping Miura that bears an uncannily close resemblance to Wallace’s magnum opus. However, if you want the model returned to S trim, the current vendor is offering this service, too. With Miura prices rising so spectacularly, whichever option you go for this Lamborghini is ideal for those seeking driving perfection without a depreciation in value.

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