Classifieds Hero: Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Range Rover too predictable? Then meet the Grand Wagoneer! This classic Jeep is for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

Historians dictate that the British Range Rover was the world’s first luxurious SUV, yet they would be mistaken. Long before the UK trend-setter was unleashed upon the public, Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer had already attempted to plug the gap for rugged comfort in the USA.

With an interior crafted from wood and leather, paired with revolutionary overhead-cam straight six or V8 power, the Grand Wagoneer employed independent front suspension, power steering and automatic transmission – never before commercially implemented on an off-road vehicle. A complete tone above the competition of its time, the American stab at creating a refined 4x4 fashioned an automotive icon. Back in the day, if you had ‘made it’ (or had an income from drug dealing), the Grand Wagoneer was the style of choice.

Enjoying one of the longest manufacture runs of any mass-produced vehicle, the towing capacity and build quality made the vehicle a popular choice among repeat buyers. Capable of burbling along with 2.5 tonnes of excess weight and providing a secure bay should the worst occur the Wagoneer was Rolls-Royce for farmers and a fashion statement for bankers and businessmen.

The Wagoneer debuted a full seven years before Land Rover unveiled the Range Rover, of which the American market would have to wait another 23 years to receive. Although a powerhouse colossus, the last example rolled off the production line on June 21, 1991, signalling the end of a 29-year production run.

Now a serious collector's item if the mileage is low and the trim spec is high, with some examples selling for twice their original showroom retail price, the impressive list of standard equipment for later models is exhaustive:

  • 15in all-season radial tires
  • 15in alloy wheels
  • AM/FM stereo with cassette player
  • Four AccuSound by Jensen premium speakers
  • Air-conditioning and heater with manual controls
  • Dual front power bucket seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Leather and velour seating surfaces
  • Digital quartz dashboard clock
  • Full-size glove box
  • Roof rack with roof rails
  • Chrome front grille with hood ornament
  • Front fog driving lamps
  • Power windows and power door locks
  • Adjustable tilt steering column
  • Dual-note high-low-pitch horn
  • Power rear hatch window
  • Tinted windows
  • Faux wood body side vinyl wood appliques

From the Classifieds

This example from the AutoClassics classifieds was first registered in 1969, presented in remarkably original condition. There has been a recent engine rebuild undertaken with a re-spray a few years previously, but everything else remains as it was first offered off the factory line. The interior is all original and, although it does wear some signs of ageing, the cabin is exceptionally fresh.

The 5.9-litre V8 engages without protest and rumbles along with an exhaust note to leave grown men weeping on their knees. The gearchange is smooth and there is no rust to be found. Because of its size, it’s ultra-versatile. Towing? The daily commute? Burying that suspicious roll of carpet in the forest? The Grand Wagoneer can go anywhere, and do anything.

This Jeep Grand Wagoneer comes with a Belgian registration. You can get a closer look with the advert in the AutoClassics classifieds.

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