How to buy your own Bullitt-replica Ford Mustang!

Wanna drive like Steve McQueen without the hassle of acquiring the original Bullitt Mustang? Now you can do it properly with this replica from the AutoClassics classifieds

Back in 2007, Bullitt was elected for preservation in the United States by the Library of Congress as ‘culturally, historically or aesthetically significant’. You can bet your bottom dollar that was solely down to the film’s cult, 11-minute car chase.

Never had a chase sequence created such prodigious anticipation, now viewed as the pursuit on which all other vehicle action scenes are judged. In the eyes of film buffs and gearheads alike, the pairing of director Peter Yates and Steve McQueen resulted in one of the 20th century’s defining pop culture moments.

With the King of Cool onboard for filming, a car chase was always going to be included – the script originally called for an automotive ‘action scene’ from day one. Catching wind of such a development, Ford signed on as the official car sponsor, dropping everything to be associated with Hollywood’s hottest box office leading man. Providing two 1968 Ford Mustang Fastbacks painted in Highland Green Metallic, it proved to be the ultimate in product placement.

With the planned stunt action, both Mustangs featured beefed-up suspension and Koni adjustable shocks – along with straight through exhausts. The Dodge Chargers, on the other hand, were largely stock – except for the wheels, allowing five hubcaps to fly off and roll down the street.

Of the two Mustangs, one was believed damaged beyond repair and scrapped by Ford - but has recently resurfaced. The 'hero car' was also uncovered earlier this year – sold to a Warner Bros employee after filming was complete.

Although it changed hands several times before the current owner, despite urban legend, it’s now safely stored in the USA. Once said to have sported some healthy front-end damage alongside rusting camera mounts still welded to the bodywork, when appearing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend the vehicle instead appeared to be in rude health.

Ever since the film hit screens back in 1968, with the remaining Bullitt Mustang off the market indefinitely, the number of replicas on the show scene have remained vast in number. Some appear to have been crafted by Blind Bob McBlind using telepathy, but we’ve found a cracker in the AutoClassics classifieds.

From the Classifieds

This particular Mustang has enjoyed a recent rotisserie restoration, with minimal mileage having been covered since work was completed. There’s power disc brakes all round, alongside Borgeson power steering and performance sway bars front and rear, not to mention brand new suspension. Under the bonnet loiters a freshly built 289ci engine with roller rockers, prepared for those tyre smoking specials.

The interior, although ghastly to the originality brigade, is all new, featuring all that's needed to create a Bullitt Mustang. Just to finish it off, the pony on steroids rides with American classic wheels.

The paintwork is period correct for 1968, as is the wooden steering wheel – which wasn’t standard and was added by Ford for stunt work. You’ll be hard pressed to find any corrosion or paintwork blemishes, making this a Bullitt replica destined to fool even the most die-hard Mustang enthusiast.

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