Classifieds Hero: 2006 Jaguar Sovereign XJ V6

So, it’s the week before Christmas – still frantically searching for the ideal gift? AutoClassics have this Jaguar for sale in the classifieds

If you are superhuman, you’ll probably have Christmas shopping all wrapped up, with a picture-perfect Xmas tree dominating the living room and a kitchen brimmed with home-made delights. However, if like the rest of us, you’ll still be in a frenzy trying to source and afford the ideal gift for handing across to a gleeful response, rather than a punch in the face. Not everyone appreciates their presents coming from a 24-hour petrol station. Chances are you’ll have left it too late and now can’t stop swearing – but don’t panic! AutoClassics are at hand to help with a Jag.

Looking to adopt a cat this Christmas? Forget finding ‘little presents’ in your shoes and the mayhem of litter-tray training, not to mention a cat food bill that will drain your bank account and lead into a divorce, if you really want your face ripped off by a feisty feline, this Jaguar is looking for a new home.

Introduced in 2003, the Sovereign variant of the XJ V6 presented an exclusive set of options and can be identified by the smug sense of self-satisfaction omitted from the driver, wafting around in Browns Lane’s finest for Mondeo money.  With a leather interior, six CD changer, air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric seats and electric windows, unless you happen to be an animal rights activist disgusted by leather, who refuses to back date with CDs, and is insanely allergic to air conditioning gas, this 2006 XJ Sovereign V6 has everything. All this for under £9000.

Is there any better gift to give than a budget Jaguar? It’s comfortable, fast, refined and holds impressive road stance, so much so that ambulances move over to let it pass. It will even take you and a passenger all the way to 60mph in 7.8 seconds – which will prove more than useful when escaping the Boxing Day sales. Or your in-laws. Powering away on a crest of 240bhp is certainly helpful after a fight with your partner’s mildly-xenophobic uncle. Furthermore, if the clash with your sister-in-law turns violent the boot has ample room for a body.

Finally, with a suave 3.0 litre engine mated to a silky smooth automatic gearbox, you can swig away at your cocktail without worry before cruising through Europe until the heat dies down and people forget you even had a sister-in-law.

What better way to spend the New Year than in the driver’s seat of this XJ V6? Grab a look at the big cat with the AutoClassics classified listing – and good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping! 

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