Classifieds Hero: 1987 Ford Sierra 2.0 RS Cosworth 500

Loud, proud and pumping out 600 bhp, there are many reasons why this Ford Sierra 2.0 RS Cosworth 500 is worth considering …

There’s an automotive beast lurking within scenic Yorkshire and it’s proving to be one of the most popular classifieds on AutoClassics....

Of all the configurations Ford blessed upon the Sierra, it is the RS Cosworth 500 which remains prime investment fodder. It's beefed-up stance epitomises how far Ford were willing to go in-order to produce a performance vehicle that was simply unbeatable in competition.

With an enormous whale tail and those ‘jelly mould’ curves that had dogged the Sierra with controversy since it was first launched as a family saloon back in 1982, the RS500 was further improvement on the previously up-graded RS Cosworth model.

Delivering 201 bhp and a 0-60mph time of 6.5 seconds, the RS Cosworth was certainly no slouch. Back in the day, opting for an RS500 over the 'base' Cosworth was like pouring molten madness on to the already-present mound of unadulterated crazy. As we shall explain...

A ‘standard’ RS500 delivers a generous 227 bhp with the development of the engine, suspension and aerodynamics all heavily influenced by Ford’s racing efforts. Combined with a body-kit that was purposely designed for maximum downforce, the RS 500 offered serious performance that could easily rival a Porsche 911 or BMW M3. Had you been a racing driver in the late 1980s, you would have been rather foolish not to consider the RS500 as your weapon of choice.

The RS500 was certainly an example of getting back what was put in. Both handling and overall speed improved thanks to observing the car’s performance within motor racing; this in turn resulted in a high level of success within motorsport around the globe.

Most notable of these were wins in the 1988 and 1989 Australian Touring Car Championships for Dick Johnson Racing, five pole positions out of six entries at the Bathurst 1000 around the challenging Mount Panorama Circuit and Andy Rouse claiming nine out of thirteen rounds of the 1988 British Touring Car Championship. Who can forget the legendary battle between the Kaliber RS500 driven by Rouse and Steve Soper’s Texaco RS500 at Brands Hatch?

That same level of impressive performance is also available in the road-going RS500. Steering is slightly heavy but highly accurate with crisp feedback - meeting each and every apex has never been so easy! If driven above 2600 rpm to counteract the lack of boost in the lower revs, the RS500’s acceleration is thrilling even when compared to modern rivals, and accompanied by an addictive whistle from the turbo. It was a driving package many aspired to in the late eighties, but one that few could afford.

Now, likely encouraged by a serious dose of nostalgia, those who clocked the RS500’s potential when it first hit the road, yet who perhaps did not have the finance to make their driving dream come true, have started to make eye-watering bids whenever an RS500 becomes available.

In recent years fast Fords have started to attract ever-increasing sums at classic auctions. During mid-2017, a black RS500 with only 11k on the odometer fetched a whopping £122,240 through Silverstone Auctions – serious money indeed and a British record to boot!

Buy this Ford Sierra RS Cosworth!

The 1987 Sierra RS Cosworth 500 that sits amongst our classifieds possesses an incredible list of specialist parts that add up to a retro classic with a monumental 600 bhp on tap! Featured in numerous performance Ford magazines, this black RS500 has benefitted from the fitting of an AP racing paddle clutch, an up-rated semi-cut gearbox, Group A differential mounts, a WRC headgasket, 1000cc injectors and alloy wheels, amongst many other parts. Over £40,000 has been spent on power upgrades within the last year, including an up-rated turbo actuator. This RS500 also comes with a recent MOT with no advisories.

Given the RS500’s established iconic status within motoring circles, the blistering performance and the recent six-figure bids that have been offered at recent auctions, it may well be worth a trip to Yorkshire to bag yourself an impressively fast motor at what would now be considered a bargain price.

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