Classifieds hero: unique Fiat 900T Spiaggina

And now for something completely different... This one-off, rather orange 1981 Fiat 900T is currently for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

Customisation can sometimes be taken too far – turning an already certified, charismatic vehicle into a soulless mess destined for the scrapyard. Sometimes, you can hear the vehicle crying. However, this captivating mash up of Fiat and Volkswagen aesthetics, harbouring the rebound of concept cars from the era of Guy Laroche and Barbara Hulanicki, seems to have been undertaken properly.

Totally custom with eight seats and a 900cc engine, this is a super rare Fiat 900 Spiaggina donning more orange than the cast of The Only Way Is Essex. Fully restored and ready to be exported anywhere in the world, this is a seriously unique opportunity to acquire a one-off classic that will tug at every petrolhead’s heart strings.

Sold in the UK as a 900T, the original Fiat 900 was far from exciting. Serving up the rampant acceleration of a slug in a bag, powered by the same rear-mounted 903cc petrol engine shared with the Fiat 127. The turning circle was a minuscule 29ft, with all round drum brakes. As a van, it was ideal. As a cultural statement, it told the world nothing – until well-known coachbuilders got involved.

The likes of Vignale, Ghia, Zagato and others would purchase 900T vans and convert them into campers and pickups – in a similar style to the better-known Volkswagens Type 2 conversions. The raised rear bed and removable walls proved to be popular and effective. If it worked for items in the rear, why shouldn’t it work for humans? Without doors, summer driving could easily become more intoxicating than any pub visit.

Don’t expect flourishing acceleration to complement the 'racy' looks. With aerodynamics similar to a garden shed and an estimated 35bhp on offer you’ll be lucky to crack the motorway speed limit – but, who cares? It’s so funky you’ll turn heads wherever you go and command more respect than any supercar could ever muster. It looks as though it’s been lifted from an episode of Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, but set on the moon.

All you would need to finish off the complete Playboy look is the addition of white bikinis hanging off Miss July, August and September, and a jazz soundtrack. Sadly, we don’t quite have these aspects for sale within the AutoClassics classifieds – but we do have the advert for the Fiat 900 itself. You know you want to…

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