Classified Hero: Mustang V8-powered Triumph TR6!

If you remain attracted to the Triumph TR6’s aggressive stance but find the engine too weedy – we may have a solution for you. This TR6 has Mustang V8 power!

Whenever the Brits and Yanks combine efforts, the results can often change the world. From Churchill and Roosevelt’s steely determination during WW2 to the Regan/Thatcher rapport which saw an end to the cold war, the ‘special relationship’ of yesteryear has always balanced professional dignity with outright power.

This mantra also applies to a certain Triumph from the AutoClassics classifieds; a 1973 Triumph TR6 V8. Unlike the factory versions, this one shifts as fast as it looks; eight cylinders replacing the standard inline-six.

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Why a V8?

One of the observations spouted by Americans browsing the contemporary classic car market remains the lack of power from British sportscars. To counter this characteristic, and win a few race titles into the bargain, someone across the pond has created a monster. Instead of churning out a paltry 150bhp, this TR6 brute now pumps more than 270bhp through the rear wheels – courtesy of a Ford Mustang 289 V8.

Good for 120mph and a 0-60mph sprint in only 8.3 seconds, the grunt is complemented with livery and equipment inspired by the legendary Group 44 race team.

Based on an original export that’s spent its life in California, the conversion may have Blighty’s originality brigade sharpening pitchforks and foaming at the mouth – but we love it!

Let’s be frank, even the best TR6s were left wanting in the quality department. Door panel gaps were wider than the gap in Terry Thomas’s front teeth, whereas the ability to break down when driving conditions were anything but perfect remained second to none. Yet, here they’ve all been ironed out.

Fun, fast and loud yet with stout and dignified aesthetics, the intoxicating exhaust note comes courtesy of quadruple twin choke downdraft Dell'Orto carbs. There’s also a full rollcage and racing seats. What more could you possibly want?

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