Classifieds Hero: 1984 Ford Capri MkIII

Looking for an ideal restoration project? This 1984 1.6-litre Ford Capri LS MkIII is up for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, the Ford Capri was an icon. Seen on the telly every Sunday night with Bodie and Doyle in The Professionals, flung around town by John Wayne in Brannigan and adorning walls in poster form across the country, the Capri was the legitimate dream for young drivers. Unlike a Lamborghini, it was affordable and cheap to run and when it ultimately ended up in a hedge or on its roof after a drift to far, it was fixable or replaceable on a budget.

By the time 1978 rolled around, the Capri had been on UK roads for nearly a decade, the final and ultimate incarnation arriving in showrooms with an invigorated front end and improved running gear. Holding an aggressive, moody stance on the road, as had originally been the case, the Capri once again claimed the throne as the pushy executive’s wheels of choice. Critics bemoaned the engine was old and decrepit, but it delivered the goods like no other powerplant.

In V6 form the Capri MkIII still punched well above its weight. The snobbish BMWs and Italians were kicked about by the council scheme equivalent in spectacular fashion, a final hurrah for the British Mustang counterpart. Seeing out old age with a series of special editions, heavily past their sell by date in an era of digital engine management, the final Capri left the factory in 1987. Whatever the prejudice, the third-generation Capri enjoyed booming success in the UK with a stay of execution due entirely to British enthusiasm, the final 14 months’ production being exclusively right-hand-drive.

The book was shut on the defining car of Britain’s transition from 70s style into the form that many car manufacturers still hold today, but that doesn’t mean it has retired quietly. The fan scene and market go mad for them, with specialists and auctioneers prime witness to the enthusiasm that keeps prices higher than Cheech and Chong. If you happen to stumble upon an all-original barn find, you’ve got a prime investment on your hands.

From the classifieds

Owned by the same family since 1989, this hidden modern classic remains unfinished as an incomplete restoration project. It’s only covered an indicated 69,886 miles and has even had the tricky job undertaken of refurbishing the wheels. Available in its current form through a deceased estate, this Capri MkIII doesn’t appear to need that much work – bumpers are missing, as is the grille and detailing, but everything within the LS-spec cabin in present and correct, although the engine bay could use a touch up.

The 1.6-litre unit might not be the sharpest engine from the Capri range, but for sheer enjoyment sought by those who don’t fancy powersliding around each roundabout like a C15 operative, the less powerful equivalent is perfect.

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