Classics for sale: A sub-£15,000 Lamborghini!

It's not got the grunt or the flash of a supercar but the 2R tractor is still 100% authentic Lamborghini. And it's much cheaper than a Lamborghini supercar, too

Before gaining fame for his iconic supercar brand, Ferruccio Lamborghini was known for his tractors. The Italian was at the forefront of his country's post-war industrial regeneration in the 1940s, harnessing components from military vehicles and British trucks to build a series of popular farming machines.

Before Lamborghini twigged he could make far more money putting big engines and technological trickery into high performance cars rather than tractors, he made an altogether different type of collectable classic, such as the 2R tractor available in our classifieds.

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The tractor arm of Lamborghini's business exploits, named Lamborghini Trattori, was founded in 1948 and grew quickly from an average production run of 52 a year to around 200, and Lamborghini's own engines were replaced the units originally designed for war.

The foundation of the European Common Market, as well as reforms of Italy's internal industrial policy helped Lamborghini Trattori to import higher quality components where required, and further increase production. Subsidies for farming and Italian-built goods increased demand, and Lamborghini was able to improve the quality of its products.

With an air-cooled three-cylinder diesel engine and four-wheel-drive, the 2R was a tractor to be marvelled at. It produced 39bhp, delivered through a four-speed gearbox with high and low differential settings. The example in our classifieds has undergone a recent restoration and comes in a retro aqua and orange colour combination. It maintains its original Italian registration papers as well as a NOVA number, has covered less than 4000 miles since 1962 and is as much a Lamborghini as the fabled Miura.

At only £14,995 it's also far more affordable than a Miura. So whether you're after a quirky classic vehicle, something to tow your Lamborghini supercar out of a muddy festival field, or a farmer that wants to get one over on a Massey Ferguson-owning neighbour, this could be worth a look. Head over to its AutoClassics listing for a closer inspection here.

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