NASCAR 'Days of Thunder' Chevrolet Lumina film car on sale

What appears to be the real 'Mello Yello' Chevrolet Lumina from Days of Thunder is on sale and has landed in our classifieds. You'd better be faster than Cole Trickle if you want this piece of movie memorabilia before it sells

Having your own racing machine specced in line with the rugged NASCAR stock car series is an enticing thought in itself. But this 1989 #51 ‘Mello Yello’ Chevrolet Lumina available for sale doesn’t stop there when it comes to its glamour. As with it you can add a link to the racing-based Hollywood blockbuster Days of Thunder.

This car is said to have been used in the 1990 NASCAR-based movie starring Tom Cruise. Indeed the #51 Mello Yello Lumina was portrayed in the film as being driven by Cole Trickle, the story's chief protagonist played by Cruise.


The Mello Yello #51 car was used extensively in the movie’s posters and became a favourite in model and die-cast form too. And subsequently life imitated art, as the fictional Mello Yello sponsorship depicted on Trickle's #51 car during the film became a real-life sponsorship arrangement in NASCAR from the following season, Kyle Petty at SABCO Racing carrying the livery from 1991 to ’94.

Demonstrating Days of Thunder’s authenticity, cars were also entered specifically in Cup races in 1989 to gather in-race footage for the movie. This let Bobby Hamilton make his Cup race debut in Phoenix, who instead of hanging back, led the race with 100 laps to go before his engine blew. Hamilton went on to compete in 371 Cup races over 15 years, making him as much a NASCAR star as his fictional counterpart Trickle.

Whatever its background this Lumina car is astonishing and guaranteed to get any racer’s heart beating faster. It is powered by a real 650bhp NASCAR V8 engine with a billet crankshaft, forged pistons, four-speed Tex Racing Jerico race transmission, a Tilton triple disc clutch, quick change rear end and more. And it has been professionally restored by Laughlin Race Cars of Spartanburg in South Carolina. It looks exactly as it did in the film, right down to having Cole Trickle’s name above the door as part of its livery.

It has a road race chassis and set-up and has been raced on tracks such as Sebring, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen and Road America, being a consistent presence in the top 10. Still above board for Sportscar Vintage Racing Association and Historic Sportscar Racing comeptitions, it's largely ready to go racing once again.

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