Top Five Opinion-Splitting Motors at Autosport International

A huge variety of cars turn up to the Autosport International Show every year. Most catch the eye, but not always for the right reasons


Rolls-Royce Phantom

This hefty looking black beast is a Phantom, but for some reason looks too large, even for a Rolls-Royce. As this photo suggests, it’s also very black. This depth of darkness (and that is meant scientifically) is achieved by a ‘Custom Stealth Pack’ supplied by Autoshine & Tinting. It sits on 24-inch custom alloy wheels, also in black, which add to its large and dark appearance.

AutoClassics’ verdict: too large, and too dark.

If you like this car, then it’s for sale with The Cannon Run, and can be seen at ASI.


BMW i8

BMW can occasionally be a divisive brand, especially with the reputation of its customer base in the UK, but the i8 sports car united many not only in terms of design, but in converting people to electric power. One on show at ASI has been tweaked by Liberty Walk, and AutoClassics thinks it’s lost the smooth yet aggressive i8 design in the process.

The additional diffusers, spoilers and fenders do nothing to enhance its shape, and it’s a rather uninspiring black. Having said that, it’s been tuned up to 400bhp, given enhanced exhausts, forged wheels and a new suspension system that may well be better than the original. And at a sale price of £95,000, maybe it’s a nifty buy.



Is that green? The problem with reflective wrap cars is that they’re… reflective. And being in an indoor space, like Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, means you have light coming from all angles, and it can potentially spoil the otherwise awesome visual effects these types of cars are treated to.

Whether you like these cars comes down to something far simpler than angles of incident and reflection. For many, sporty SUVs are a mustard genre of automobile. Especially ones that try to look sporty from the outside. Lamborghini’s efforts may be brilliant, but you can’t please everyone.

A similar thing can be said of the colour choice, which although is just as effective on both cars, is a very polarising choice. And finally, the number plates on this pair of Italian stallions are no joke.


Bentley Continental

A car so shiny you can see yourself in it. From all angles, everywhere. There’s no escape. Inside, and especially in photos, this Bentley looks brilliant.

The gold reflection almost acts as camouflage on the vehicle, which is just as well because once you’re on the road in this thing you are going to stand out like a sore shiny golden thumb.
It’s another with a questionable number plate, but to be honest we bet whoever buys this car and drives it on the road would have an even more outrageous combination of letters and numbers on their registration!

AutoClassics failed to find out the price of this vehicle, but we imagine you’d only be allowed to pay for it in gold coins.


Nissan GT-R

Doing ombre in hair is difficult enough, so to achieve it on a car, with all its complicated louvres and edges, is a hugely impressive job. And in photos it looks even better. What’s more, the Nissan GT-R shape is still clearly visible with this design, which makes the finished product all the more better.

There is a but, though. The choice of a dark green and purple are uninspiring, and we could imagine a far more effective rendition in bright yellow and red. It would definitely be more fun. Along the car are also some phrases in various languages and scriptures, which we think rather takes the focus away from the GT-R design.

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