Classifieds Hero: 1955 Jaguar XK140 Type C

Once trailing at the bottom of a self-induced price trough, the Jaguar XK140 now finds easy favour in a congested market. Here’s one of the best from the classifieds

Some years ago now, there was an advert for Pretty Polly hosiery that revitalised Jaguar’s sheer sexuality of the XK140 coupé. Slicing through the most exotic scenery UK soil could offer – highly likely to be Devon or Kent, the most graceful of female drivers’ glides along the coastal roads in her white convertible. Until, that is, the big cat overheats.

Bemused at the situation as steam pours out from the radiator, the discovery of a snapped fan belt would normally result in a call to the breakdown services. However, hats off to the innovation of the character; removing her stockings to form a makeshift fan belt replacement before setting off into the sunset. All set to the soothing tones of Doris Day’s 'Move Over Darling'.

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The punchline comes with the announcement that ‘nine out of ten cats prefer it’, a pun on Whiskas cat food slogans of the time.

Perhaps not the best advert for Browns Lane reliability, with any seasoned and burned Jaguar enthusiast not finding the advert funny in the slightest, it at least shot the svelte beast back into the public’s imagination.

The popularity of William Lyon’s masterpiece in curves had previously slumped on the price market. Hefty, delicate and expensive to keep in healthy running order, the classifieds were packed with abused and down-at-heel examples desperate for a new home.

Jaguar XK140 prices haven’t financially receded since. For good reason, too. They are, when on form, one of the best classic cars money can buy, offering the perfect blend of raw prowess and suave sophistication with an injection of power and refinement.

Finding a good one used to be a time consuming and largely impossible task. It’s a very different world now, with dozens of them served up to a hungry market; all in immaculate condition and perfect running order.

We reckon the perfect example is languishing in our classifieds, based in Massachusetts, USA. It’s even the same shade of red most young men's faces became when the now legendary stockings commercial first graced TV screens during the late 1980s.

Having received considerable attention with a complete overhaul only a couple of years back, it has barely seen the road since.

The odometer displays 95,659 miles – although the rebuilt engine has only just been worn in. The Carmen Red paintwork is also blemish free.

Offering a direct line back to a time where British sports cars were the envy of the world, this specific example remains in outstanding condition. If desired, it could easily become the new daily driver as summer sets in.

The asking price has just been reduced – so, grab yourself an investment bargain and hit the road in style. Perhaps keeping some Pretty Polly stockings in the rear, just in case…

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