Classics for sale: The toughest 1939 Chevrolet Coupe ever!

With the hard-man qualities of Chuck Norris and the style of Clark Gable on steroids, this 1939 Chevrolet could be the toughest car on the market…

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If you yearn for the dusty roads of the Confederate south, moonshine-infused barn dances and the guttural roar of age-old machinery, we’ve got just the car to quench your urge for a slice of pure-bred Americana.

Rally Preparation Services is advertising a beautifully presented 1939 Chevrolet Master Coupe, currently located in the US. As you can imagine, this stalwart American shape is far from factory standard, but it is a turn-key weapon of choice that’s ready for any long-distance endurance rally for either a novice or an experienced competitor seeking victory.

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Chevrolet’s 1939 Coupe was one of the most successful rally cars in period. Know back then as ‘American dirt-road racers’, one example was even campaigned by Juan Manuel Fangio.

The Coupe was originally available with three alternative front-suspension configurations: a fully independent but fragile coil-sprung axle; a curious knee-action unit; and Fangio’s preferred bullet-proof leaf-sprung version.

Back when the world seemed to spin with more grace and style than it does today, if you rocked up for a rally in anything else it pretty much meant you were going home empty handed. Even now the Chevy remains popular with those undertaking extreme endurance events, such as the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Modern car manufacturers could learn a thing or two from this 1939 masterpiece…

This particular car was commissioned by its present owner to compete in the Vintage Cape Horn Rally in 2013. With its meticulous and methodical approach to design and build, the Chevy laughed in the face of mechanical abuse. All it needed during the entire event was some minor repairs to the front suspension, after hitting something rather solid halfway through.

Other than that, the car apparently ran perfectly from start to finish. The owner is reported to have said about the event: ‘All we did was pour gas into it… and that was done by an attendant.’ Regretfully, a change of plan meant the Chevy has not been used since – hence why it’s now up for sale.

Although the car is registered and located in the US, Rally Preparation Services can arrange shipping anywhere in the world. If the Chevy is to be kept in Great Britain, RPS can organise importation, registration in the UK, storage and on-going maintenance.

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