1000bhp Vector WX-3 supercar concepts up for sale

In 1993 Vector revealed one of the world's first 1000bhp cars in the WX-3 coupé and roadster concept. For the first time in 25 years they are for sale

European supercars grace the pages of history dating back decades with the Lamborghini Miura arguably being the first in 1966. One of America’s first out-and-out exotic efforts arrived in 1978 in the form of the Vector W2 concept. It ticked the supercar boxes of the era, being fast, angular, and memorable.

Vector created a handful of hand-built cars over the years before revealing its biggest show stopper, the WX-3. The two prototypes are now up for sale – making for a very unique opportunity.

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The WX-3 made its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in 1993 and wowed crowds with its aggressive design. At a time when even Lamborghini were moving away from the wacky styling of the Countach, these Vectors were about as distinctive as they come.

The original plan was to offer three engine variants in two body styles. A ‘basic’ V8 would produce around 600bhp, an uprated variant bumped that figure to 800bhp, but a twin-turbocharged option would give owners over 1000bhp. This was one of the world’s first high performance cars to exceed a four figures power output. The car also featured active aerodynamic surfaces, a rare thing to find on a road-legal machine of the early 90s.

Gerald Wiegert founded the company and designed its cars, but when a company called MegaTech acquired the controlling interest in Vector and eventually fired him, the two concepts went with Gerald. Mr Wiegert went on to start a jet ski company where the two cars were used as promotional tools, but were never put up for sale until now.

Currently listed on DuPont are the coupé and roadster Vector WX-3 finished in teal and purple respectively. Their projected price had they made production would have been around $850,000 but these one-off cars are now worth far more. The listing suggests that the pair are conservatively valued at $3.5 million each.

Just because these cars are for sale doesn’t mean that Gerald Wiegert wants rid of them to the highest bidder; quite the opposite. The sales process includes a 12 or 24 month buyback clause 'with a bonus upside for what was paid by purchaser or exchange for stock in The New Vector Motors Corporation for double what was paid in a sales transaction'.

It seems Gerald cares for the history of his brand and wishes to protect it for the future. Speaking of the future, the description also mentions that all proceeds of this sale will be invested in the construction of a new WX-8 hypercar prototype, suggesting that there is much more to come from Vector.

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