Electrifying! One-off battery-powered classic Mini unveiled

Unique classic Mini powered by an electric motor unveiled ahead of New York International Auto Show, as British brand aims to retain traditional feel ahead of 2019 all-electric model.

Mini has launched a unique one-off electric powered version of their classic model, rebuilding and restoring a late 1990s Mini Cooper example to create the ‘Mini Electric’.

An all-electric mass production model based upon Mini’s current 3 Door is planned for launch in 2019, 60 years after BMC’s original version began production. Keen to demonstrate a move towards electric won’t mean its iconic styling is compromised, Mini will debut their one-off throwback at this weekend’s New York International Auto Show.

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Painted in a classic combination of red with white roof and bonnet stripes, this lone classic Mini Electric example is adorned with yellow Mini Electric logos both on its bonnet and wheel hubs, while a new ‘E’ logo appears on its rear quarter panels in place of the traditional Mini Cooper decals.

Despite its conversion to electric, this classic Mini Electric would look mostly indistinguishable from other late-run Cooper models from the Rover era, with revised badging and decals the only obvious exterior changes. One other giveaway of its transformation is the absence of a chrome fuel-filler cap, replaced by a plastic twist cap for its plug-in charge point.

Its small stature and poise meant Mini Coopers were already well known for feeling akin to a go-kart, but with its internal combustion engine replaced by an electric motor, instant power delivery will only serve to amplify that sensation.

Unfortunately there are no plans to produce more than a single example of this highly unusual restored Mini, but it at least gives us hope there’s plenty of life left in classic cars should electric-powered vehicles become ubiquitous.

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