Rescue This Triumph TR3 From an Upstate New York Barn

It’s going to take a lot to piece this TR3 back together again, but is it worth it?

Produced from 1955 to 1962 by the Standard-Triumph Motor Company of Coventry, England, the TR3 was the ever evolving British roadster. It was built on the platform of its predecessor, the TR2 and was followed by the TR3A and TR3B. Because there weren’t many big differences in the body of the cars, without the engine and VIN plate it would be quite difficult to identify an exact year and model of one that has been sitting in a barn, mice and all, in Connecticut since 1998, like this one that is up for grabs on eBay.

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While not much is known of the history of this car, it does seem like it would make a decent project and, with fingers crossed, a great vintage race car. Although a bit rusty, the floorboards and frame are still in good shape and it appears that the roadster has 110,000 miles on the clock. Among the known missing parts are the engine, transmission, interior and cockpit coaming, spare wheel and tire, vinyl top, and the hood.

Even though there are a lot of missing parts, all of the major body components are present with minimal damage. It would take an imagination, but there are any number of drivetrain that could be transplanted into the roadster, and the lack of interior parts would afford the restorer a lot of room for creativity. But if restoration seems like to big of a bill to foot, a buyer could use this car for parts to restore another TR3. Either way, it looks like potential buyers may have plenty of time to plan on this one, as it might not be able to be towed away until the winter snow clears.

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