Start you own classic car theme park with this vintage carousel

An unusual piece of automobilia is heading to the upcoming Barrett-Jackson event

Auctions like Barrett-Jackson might be known for their exclusive collection of automobiles for sale, but they also usually have a hefty amount of auto memorabilia ready for new owners too. These items often include some interesting finds, but this 16-foot tall Wilhelm Hennecke carousel that’s dedicated to all things transportation is both interesting and a little strange.

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Even the pictures of this piece make it are a little oddball since they don’t look recent, or particularly professional, so it’s hard to wrap one’s mind around what a full-size car and bike carousel really is in real life.

According to the listing, it was made by craftsman in Germany in 1965. The piece was commissioned for the annual Christmas market in Heidelberg, Germany, but went on to be featured in many different Christmas-themed events before going into climate controlled storage. It was later then discovered by a private collector and is considered to be one of the finest examples of its kind, although, it’s hard to hunt down anything quite like it.

On this fully-functional piece are 23 hand-built figures that are made to resemble various forms for transportation - including cars, motorcycles, buses, and even a tractor (or two). The pieces are wood bodied with leather interiors, and they even have working headlights and taillights.

Some of the standout pieces include a Mercedes-Benz firetruck with a fireman on a ladder, a two-tone Opel convertible, Mercedes 190, a Polizei squad car and two Flitzers. These are just a few of the unique examples. The whole setup is illuminated with more than 1,500 6-watt lightbulbs, and is 32-feet in diameter, and 16-feet tall.

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