Man trades entire Toyota MR2 collection for 2016 Miata

The internet has gone wild after a man traded his entire MR2 collection for a 10,000 mile 2016 Miata. But there is an emotional reason as to why...

Sometimes we find ourselves questioning the actions of our fellow car enthusiasts. From the notion of constructing Lada tyres out of 30,000 nails to running an engine on Pepsi, we are often left open-jawed. But this current revelation trumps them all.

Earlier this week at Coad Toyota in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the owner of no-less than five Toyota MR2s – accumulated over a period of three decades – traded them all in for a 10,000 mile 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5.

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Except, you can never judge until you know the whole story. While the owner clearly adored Toyota’s first-generation MR2, his affections weren’t purely centred on cars. Widowed back in 2016, the vendor finally decided that the collection was simply too much to keep up with after the loss of his soul mate.

The collection ranged in age, mileage and originality, sales Manager Ben Brotheron told Japanese Nostalgic Car. The cars belonged to a retired colleague of Brotheron, whose goal had been to own one from each year of AW11 production.

The oldest MR2 from the bunch was a custom-painted 1985 example, draped in healthy yellow paintwork and boasting manual transmission. Originally silver and displaying 207,000 miles, this was the only car with any modifications.

Next up was a red 1986 model that had covered 140,000 miles. Also fitted with a manual gearbox, Ben explained that this ‘was the previous owner’s favourite. It was his first one and the one he most often took to shows and events.'

The remaining three cars include a white 1987 automatic with 80,500 miles on the clock and the sole supercharged example of the collection – an automatic 1988 specimen having covered just under 78,500 miles.

Capping off the entourage is one of the finest manual-transmission example we’ve seen of late. Wearing an unblemished Ice Blue Pearl paint scheme, this 1989 naturally aspirated model only just ticked over 28,000 miles.

After posting the development on social media, Ben was unsurprisingly inundated with inquiries. 'Today has been an absolute whirlwind trying to keep up with all these messages and posts,' he explained.

We should point out, that at the time of publication, all but the yellow MR2 have been sold in what has been a wholeheartedly unusual – and emotional – 48 hours for the dealership.

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