This is the greatest 1974 Toyota FJ Restomod. Ever.

Famous for breathing life into old Broncos, Velocity Restorations can now lay claim to the greatest Toyota restomod ever – a 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Velocity Restorations are best known for their early Ford Bronco restomods, but as 4x4 restoration experts they don’t just inject icons of Americana with modern grunt. With an appreciation for all things rugged, Velocity has just finished lavishing attention on a 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser – and the results are stunning!

The Florida-based firm has spent thousands of man hours tackling the Japanese automotive stalwart, ensuring all aspects received the meticulous attention required to craft one of – if not the – greatest restomods on the market.

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We feel such a claim is justified, as so-often such undertakings can go horribly wrong. People try too hard to dress the FJ40 up as something it isn't; a try-hard. The Land Cruiser was never built to rival a Cadillac Escalade or a Lincoln Navigator, and therefore doesn't suit being 'blinged up'. Most other Land Cruiser restomods are covered with bodykit add-ons and ladled with a non-standard engine, losing both dignity and soul.

Not this one, though. Whereas others look like military vehicles in drag, Velocity's offering appears top brass. The ultimate essence every Land Cruiser was born with remains, albeit with a modern touch that complements the age-old design; rather than drown it in modcons. The best part? It's a second chance for an abandoned vehicle.

After languishing at a hunting camp in Alabama for the best part of 20 years, the Land Cruiser was snapped up by its current owner before being brought to Velocity for some ‘fine tuning’. Requesting that the 4x4 retain its original equipment with a factory-style restoration, the team in Pensacola laid out their tools and set to work.

“This FJ was remarkably solid for sitting for so long,” said Brandon Segers, Co-Owner of Velocity Restorations. “It still needed a lot of help though, and I think the end result has brought back the amazing character of this vehicle.”

As any petrolhead can tell you, with such a project it can be difficult to find a starting point, yet mechanics started with the body before moving onto the drivetrain. Reconditioning the original panels, the frame was refurbished and draped in satin black powder coating before the body was sprayed green. To finish the look, wheels were painted satin black and BFG KO2 All-Terrain tyres fitted.

The drivetrain received a substantial overhaul with the team rebuilding both front and rear OEM axles and renovating the original 3-speed manual gearbox, alongside the transfer box. The 3.8-itre six-cylinder was completely refurbished and exhaust enhanced with an OEM style system, creating a moreish exhaust tone a tad more refined than any Bronco.

Inside the cabin received the same attention to detail, rebuilding the steering column and fitting a 6-point roll cage, high back, tan coloured bucket seats and a Dakota digital instrument cluster.

Visit the Velocity Restorations website for photos, product information and updates.

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