Top 10 lots from Aste Bolaffi's second Bertone auction

Bertone designs are classics, and much of the Italian coachbuilder's archives is heading to sale, along with some other interesting classics. We pick the best lots


Top lots at Aste Bolaffi's 'Youngtimer' Bertone sale

Earlier this year, there was a sale of much of the contents of the Bertone archives, which is full of incredible drawings, models and cars. Aste Bolaffi auctioneers is now holding a second 'Youngtimers & Memorabilia' sale, at Garage Bolaffi on November 17, where even more of the archives, and a host of Bertone-linked machinery will be sold off.

Here is AutoClassics' pick of the best lots...


Alfa Romeo Montreal

The final lot of the whole auction, this Alfa was going up in value before it was even sold for the first time.

It has a non-factory option leather interior, and has recently been restored by 'Back to Basics', which has not only reverted it back to its original striking orange colour, but cleaned the radiators and overhauled the brakes and steering.

It was kept by the same owner for over 40 years, and its auction estimate is €70,000 - €85,000 (£61,000 - £74,000, $80,000 - $98,000).


Fiat Nuova 500 Sport

Of all the cars in this auction, it's this small Fiat that has the greatest motorsport pedigree. First registered in 1959, it was previously owned by a Bologna racing preparation firm and loaned out to drivers for competition.

It then moved onto a Sicilian, who eventually sold it on to its current owner, who has had €20,000 spent on restoring it. It's very rare, but also very fast for what it is, with a top speed of 65mph.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

The older an Italian classic is, the rarer it tends to get. This Giulietta may not be fully original, with a replacement engine of the same type, but this 750 B model had a three-year restoration to ensure it does a good a job as possible of taking you back to the 1950s.

There are certain oddities, such as the gear selector being located on the steering wheel, but this is how the car's supposed to be and, as a result, it's received an Alfa Romeo certificate of historical importance and certificate of origin


Fiat Dino Coupe and X1/9 5 Speed

It may say Fiat at the front, but the Dino name means this is a Ferrari-powered beast.

The 2.0-litre V6 certainly gives it a lot of power, and only three owners have got to experience it with this model. It was fully restored 10 years ago, and is considered one of Bertone's most iconic designs.

Another design classic is the X1/9, which looks sinister with its wedge nose and metallic silver finish, and is a bargain with an estimate below €20,000 (£17,458, $22,939)


Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 and F11 Promiscuo

Demonstrating the variety of Alfa Romeo's production portfolio is this nimble sports car and late evolution cambervan.

The Spider is a classic Alfa, with a glowing red paintjob, a black leather interior, a fabric folding roof and an aerodynamic shape. Reliability? Probably not the best.

In start contrast to that is the F11, which originated from the Alfa Romeo Romeo. It shouldn't be sniffed at though, having nabbed a more powerful engine from a Giulia 1300 TI, and precious little mileage on it since.


Alfa Romeo Junior Z 1300

The Zagato name guarantees beautiful styling, and this small Alfa shows hints of Aston Martin in its design.

Take a look around this car and you'll see all the plexiglass panels have been stamped with 'Zagato', a guarantee of authenticity seeing as most of these panels on other cars have broken and been replaced.

It's also an ideal purchase to celebrate Zagato's 100th anniversary, which is taking place next year.


Lancia Delta HF Turbo, Delta Integrale 8V, Delta Integrale Evo 1

Lancias are brilliant for rallying, and rallying is brilliant for Lancias. Victories on the stages resulted in more sales for Lancia, and each new season meant a bonkers new Lancias for fans.

The Delta Integrale Evoluzione 1 was the final car made to satisfy the FIA's homologation rules for rallying, and is a proper collectors car. Its predecessor, the 8V, had the same kind of rally credentials and the model for sale has only had one owner in its history.

Less rally focused was the HF Turbo, which had front-wheel-drive and became Italy's answer to the hot hatch. It's also a bargain going off its estimate of €10,000 (£8718, $11,467).


BMW M635 CSI and M5

The early years of BMW's M performance division were possibly its most exciting, and both of these cars are cult classic 'youngtimers'.

Both cars have been looked after by BMW specialists, and the M635 CSI has 32 receipts from services over its 52,000 miles. BMW Group Classic in Munich also overhauled the mechanics, electrics and interior recently, and as a result its estimate is between €60,000 - €70,000 (£52,272 - £60,984, $68,680 - $80,127).

The second generation M5 has spent less time on the road, but is also less costly, and you can see the evolution from one car to the other.


Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

This collaboration between Chrysler and Lotus is a rallying star, having been the base model for the 1981 World Rally Championship winning machine.

Although the bodywork on this car has been restored, this is a rare model in that it has not been victim to the rally modifications most owners apply. And because it's never hit the stages, it means its 150bhp four-cylinder 2.2-litre engine and five-speed ZF gearbox are still in top working order.


Design moulds and prototypes

In addition to the automobiles in the sale, the Bertone archive is full of memorabilia and creations of the designers. It is the latter which is exceptionally interesting.

There are moulds for several Lamborghinis, as well a concept [pictured] above for a car that looks suspiciously like a rival to the Jaguar XK220.

Other design prototypes include Bertone's Z.E.R land speed record car and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1-based Mantide, the company's design for the high-speed Frecciarossa train in Italy and an early prototype of the Hummer.


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