The legendary Stratos is back!

Rally fans rejoice! The stillborn 2010 New Stratos has been given a new lease of life by Turin-based MAT, with plans for 25 to be built

The legendary Stratos is back!

The New Stratos project, first created in 2010 by entrepreneur Michael Stoschek and Pininfarina, has now been licensed to a new company – with a maximum of 25 units to be produced.

The CEO of Manifattura Automobile Torino (MAT), Paolo Garella – who was the program manager of the New Stratos – has obtained permission from Stoschek to take over the project.

When the New Stratos was revealed first time around, it was based around the structure of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. However, Ferrari blocked this move, and the project was dropped, despite positive first drive reviews of the prototype across the world's motoring press.

MAT have not revealed the donor car to be used but it's expected to deliver around 550bhp, and still conform to the mid-engined layout of the 1970s Lancia Stratos original – and it's said to allow derivatives of the New Stratos floorpan to create a GT racer or a Safari warrior in addition to the 'useable supercar' road derivative.

The new design follows the lines initially worn by its beloved predecessor, offering a cocktail of rally heritage with contemporary interpretation, the lightweight construction and 550bhp engine ensuring the charm and adrenaline of the original is captured. It has many of the features of the original: wedge shape, semicircular windscreen, side tanks, removable front and rear servicing hoods and engine-access hatch.

The interior may appear spartan, but those with Lancia knowledge will again spot the classic hallmarks of the classic Stratos, including integrated rollcage and stowage for the helmets within the doors.

German billionaire Michael Stoschek, the chairman of car parts supplier Brose and a rallying enthusiast, originally developed the New Stratos through his passion for the original Lancia Stratos.

‘I am delighted that other passionate car enthusiasts can experience how [the] successor of the most fascinating rally car from the 1970s still sets the bar for design and performance today,' he explains.

Paolo Garella adds: ‘For MAT this agreement is a further step in our growth and allows our path to becoming a true manufacturer. A small production run is a new challenge for us. To have the opportunity to build the New Stratos is a great honour and a recognition of the capabilities that MAT has acquired over the last few years.

'From its foundation in 2014, MAT has been involved in four different projects for the design and development of supercars. Now with the New Stratos we will deliver an extremely refined supercar that can be used every day but also deliver excitement and exhilarating fun on twisty roads.’

The new Stratos, in all its forms, will be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow on the MAT stand – it is here that prices and delivery options will be announced.

The MAT Stratos will be revealed at the Geneva show next month. You can find out more information on the New Stratos official website.

Enjoy some classical music – Stratos style!