Vicki Butler-Henderson to host new classic car show

The Car Years TV Show will hit your screens in 2019 with Vicki Butler-Henderson and Alex Riley presenting. A star judging panel will decide a winner each week.

It is a great time to be a classic car enthusiast, with new records being set at auction, some amazing barn finds discovered of late, and the restomod scene healthier than ever. There’s more good news for those looking to get a classic fix in the evening as a new program called ‘The Car Years TV Show’ will soon arrive in your living room.

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Set to launch in 2019, the new classic car TV show will be presented by Vicki Butler-Henderson and Alex Riley. Both seasoned presenters and car nuts, the pair will each select their favourite cars from a particular year and argue its case in front of a judging panel.

Said panel is made up of ex-Top Gear Quentin Willson, Richard Porter – who’s well known for his comical scribblings editing scrips for The Grand Tour – and managing director of Coys auction house, Chris Routledge. The judges will also serve to narrate the stories of each car in question.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this beautifully shot series that allows us to tell the stories behind some of the best known and interesting cars ever made,” said Vicki Butler-Henderson.

Alex Riley continues: “This show is a rare thing – it’s all about the cars. We’re not telling people how to be a dealer or a restorer and we’re not just larking about, instead we’re championing great cars and telling the fascinating stories behind them.”

The show will be sponsored by classic car and bike insurance specialist Footman James, which will reveal more at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show later this week. We do know that episode one will involve a 1964 Ford Mustang doing battle with a Porsche 911 of the same year.

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