It's a Wonderful Life taxi on show at AACA museum for Christmas

Ernie’s 1925 Yellow Cab Taxi from cult movie favorite It’s a Wonderful Life is on display at the AACA Museum in time for Christmas

The GMC Taxi from Frank Capra’s 1946 classic film It’s a Wonderful Life is on display in the AACA Museum through until the end of February 2019 – but with five days until Christmas, the loaned exhibit has arrived at the perfect time.

On loan from The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, in partnership with the Historic Vehicle Association, the 1925 Yellow Cab Model O-5 was used by Ernie (Frank Faylen) as he drove George Bailey (James Stewart) around his Bedford Falls hometown.

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After filming was completed, this taxi eventually became the property of an older gentleman who would not part with it. For years had refused to sell, in the hope that he could soon restore the vehicle.

Finally, when reaching 82 years of age, the taxi’s owner realized that he didn’t have the strength, nor the financial resources, to start the necessary renovation work. With a heavy heart, he decided to sell up back in May 2008.

The owner needn’t have worried however, for the Yellow Cab was purchased by those with good intentions. Upon inspection, the vehicle appeared to be complete and relatively corrosion free. The structure and panels were in good shape but the drivetrain and engine required an extensive mechanical restoration.

After a strip-down rebuild, the film car became part of The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage collection.

Much to the delight of purists, the decision was made to leave the exterior and interior in unrestored condition, ultimately preserving the patina and soul of the famous movie vehicle.

Perhaps one of the greatest seasonal movies of all time, the story of It’s a Wonderful Life finds James Stewart’s character ready to commit suicide, when an angel shows him how the life of his nearest and dearest would be worse without him.

Although the film performed poorly at the box office, It’s a Wonderful Life is now considered one the greatest motion pictures ever made. Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, the movie remains a popular viewing choice during the Christmas holidays.

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