Would you save this adorable Suzuki Cappuccino kei car?

Front end damage has meant this Suzuki Cappuccino has been written off by insurers, but it would be wrong for classic car enthusiasts to do the same. Here's why it needs saving...

Classic car owners are the automotive equivalent of people who buy pets from shelters. They see the puppy eye headlights and know deep in their heart that they have to look after that car no matter what. This modified 1993 Suzuki Cappucino is one such car in need of a loving owner.

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The modifications to this car and a previous restoration show it was once well looked after, and even has a valid MoT until April 9, 2019. But its structural damage at the front end means the humble Japanese cult classic has been written off by insurers. Don't let the claw get to it.

It’s a nifty little thing (given the categorisation of ‘Kei’, meaning ‘light automobile’ in Japan), with a turbocharged 650cc three cylinder engine marking the start of Suzuki expanding into sporty cars; previously focused on compact vehicles and SUVs.

Although it looks fairly nasty at the front, it is repairable damage, and would be a great project for any Suzuki enthusiast. The previous owner added a stainless exhaust, coilover suspension, a performance air intake kit, a boost guage and dump valve.

Ignoring the crumpled bodywork, all the wheels look refurbished, and once somebody with the ability to reshape panels gets their hands on it there will be nothing to take away from the look of the vehicle.

The car must be paid for and collected within four days of the eBay listing ending, which is in six-and-a-half days time, and it’s best to view the car yourself before going to buy it – damage and all. The address and contact details are featured on the listing.

There’s already 169,000 on the odometer, and you could add more by giving this little Suzuki a much-needed new home. Whisper this quietly, but how about stripping the vehicle out and turing it into something totally unique? We are sure a V8 could fit in there somehow...

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