Facebook post saves classic muscle car from thieves

A 1969 Dodge Challenger was recovered from thieves after being stollen in Phoenix, USA. A Facebook post got the car recognised and the criminals in handcuffs

If you own a classic car it is likely your pride and joy. You’ll lovingly polish it, maintain it regardless of cost, and spend many hours enjoying it. Sadly there are plenty of jealous thieves out there, and classic car theft is on the rise. However, community can sometimes help deliver justice. A Facebook post helped return a Dodge Charger to its rightful owner.

The distraught owner called Phoenix police after his iconic 1969 Dodge Charger (not pictured) had just been stolen. To add insult to injury, the crooks also took his GMC pickup truck and trailer — talk about kicking a guy while he’s down. Thankfully the local business owner had surveillance cameras that had captured the theft, assisting the police in justice being served.

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Despite the images of the crime taking place, the Charger was still missing and so the owner took to Facebook in the vain hope that someone might recognise his car. Thankfully someone did! A local woman spotted the car and a man, later identified as 43-year-old Geoffrey Lawrence Shea, get in and drive off. The Charger was also being followed by the missing pickup. Taking a bit of a risk, she followed the cars to a parking lot where this real-life hero called the police.

Police arrested Shea and his wife, who was driving the truck, for vehicle theft and drug possession according to ABC57 news. The pair are being held without bond as both were already on release for other charges. The stollen vehicles are in the process of being returned to their owner.

This is another fantastic story of Facebook spreading the message and justice being served to those who prey upon our cherished classic cars. A similar scenario saw a rare BMW 1800 Ti/SA reclaimed from thieves.

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