Rare BMW 1800 Ti/SA rescued from theives

When thieves struck and stole a rare BMW racer, the hunt was on to find the car and the perpetrators. Thanks to a retired ER nurse, the 1800 Ti/SA has been recovered.

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The world can be a cruel and terrible place at times with some people happy to take advantage of others. Thankfully, there are those who do good to combat the likes of opportunistic thieves, people like Sandy who helped return a stolen BMW 1800 Ti/SA.

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Last weekend the rare BMW homologation racer and its trailer was stolen from its owner in Colorado Springs. The trailer provided the BMW with a protective outer shell, meaning that initially the thieves likely didn’t know they'd nicked such a rare vehicle. A local BMW dealer attempted to raise awareness in a bid to help track down the car, which is when the KKTV news station got word out via its Facebook page.

Regardless if you think Facebook is a force for good or bad, it served a noble purpose with the local community on high alert for the car and its 23-foot trailer. Possible sightings potentially had the car on the move down highway 285, but it was eventually spotted parked outside an unoccupied house in Colorado.

Sandy, last name unknown, called the police who have recovered the car and trailer. We do know that Sandy has already help the community as an ER nurse before she retired.

According to a Facebook post from Rick Meinig, the car’s custodian, the vehicle was unharmed with only moderate damage done to the trailer as the thieves attempted to break in. Reports state that this 1800 Ti/SA had been painstakingly restored and had attended multiple races around the country, including Laguna Seca in California.

The BMW 1800 Ti/SA was a specially homologated for racing and sold to privateer teams by BMW itself. Its 128bhp Weber carburetted engine gave the car a top speed of 120mph, performance that cemented BMW as a force to be recorded with the world of sporting saloons.

There’s no news as to the whereabouts of the thieves, but it’s great to hear that this story has the happy ending it deserves.

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