Special UK preview for Spitfire documentary on July 17

New film will preview in over 200 UK cinemas and select RAF bases in the Falklands and Malta for one day only to commemorate the centenary of the RAF – act fast!

The Supermarine Spitfire aircraft is the subject of a new cinema-bound documentary. Spitfire tells the real-life development story of Britain's famous aircraft and features first-hand accounts from those who flew them during WWII.

You’ll need to be quick if you want tickets, as this is one-day only preview. Although the film is released in cinemas on July 20 for a limited run, the early July 17 broadcast will be accompanied by additional and exclusive footage alongside a filmmaker Q&A from the world premiere, hosted by Carol Vorderman.

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Playing across a number of UK locations, which you can find here, three cities have been specifically chosen due to their connections with Spitfire:

  • Southampton, site of the Spitfire’s first flight and Supermarine’s factory.
  • Stoke-on-Trent, birthplace of RJ Mitchell, the Spitfire’s chief designer.
  • Solihull, home of the Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory and Aerodrome.

Credited with changing the course of world history, the Spitfire was shaped as the clouds of war gathered. Refined in the white heat of combat, although the Hurricane remains the most successful wartime fighter, the Spitfire captured public affection and is now recognised as one of the most famous aircraft ever made.

The documentary arrives during a special time for the Royal Air Force as it celebrate 100 years of defending the country. Of all the planes from the last century of flight, the Spitfire remains the pin-up aircraft for historians and aficionados alike.

From the intoxicating Rolls-Royce Merlin tone, emitted from a 12-cylinder engine capable of burning oil at 20 pints per hour, to the sweeping design and RAF Heritage, there are many reasons for worshipping the most heroic plane of all. Now, you can revel in the craft’s legacy with thousands of appreciative enthusiasts across the country.

The film is an Elliptical Wing Production presented by British Film Company, with Haviland Digital and Mark Stewart Productions. It is produced by Gareth Dodds, John Dibbs, Steve Milne, David Fairhead and Ant Palmer. Executive Producers are Trevor Beattie, Keith Haviland, Christian Eisenbeiss, Mark Stewart and Pat Mills.

Here's why we love the Spitfire

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