James Bond Spectre Jaguar sells for £15,000

One of six Jaguar XJs used throughout filming of 2015 James Bond 007 adventure 'Spectre' has sold at digital auction for £15,301

This particular Jaguar is something of a rarity – a James Bond vehicle to have survived filming, that hasn't ended up in museum custody. Presented in Metallic Black with a full leather interior and benefitting from all the Sport Premium extras offered when new in 2006, this was the car personally owned by M, Head of MI6 (Ralph Fiennes) during the third act of the latest 007 film.

Six XJs were purchased by Pinewood Studios: four were destroyed during filming and a fifth example was kitted out with several external cameras, alongside a roll cage and secondary controls. Aptly named ‘Hero 1’, the auction car was used for shooting interior scenes – making it the only vehicle out of the six to be used by Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes. The other five were employed by the stunt crew and rigged for the tunnel attack during the the film’s climax. All cars wore the same plate, with the survivor now back on its original registration.

With ‘Hero 1’ stickers still gracing the door aperture, Pinewood Studios printed as the previous owner on the V5 document and 007’s Aston Martin DB10 auctioned off last year for £2.4 million, this XJ Spot Premium 2.7 TDVI – with its kinder running costs and increased practicality – seems something of a bargain in the 007 memorabilia world at little over £15,000. Selling on November 4 for more than double the current market value of any well-heeled XJ TDVI, the eBay listing had attracted a record number of watchers, with 56 bidders vying for a slice of 007 history.

The car generated a positive buzz when Spectre hit cinemas in November 2015, Jaguar and James Bond enthusiasts alike commenting on the suitability of M’s wheels.

‘It’s wonderful and appropriate to see the XJ X350 as old school transport befitting of 007’s boss’, said Richard Gunn, serial James Bond addict and motoring writer.

‘The imminent destruction of the Jaguar on screen probably had nothing to do with its perhaps budget-conscious choice.’

Although considered by many to be an XJR, M’s Jag was actually a diesel – albeit a top of the range model, with:

  • XJR seats
  • 20-inch alloy wheels
  • XJR grille
  • Inbuilt sat nav
  • Cruise control
  • Heated electric seats
  • Xenon headlamps
  • Air conditioning
  • Bluetooth
  • Premium Sound System (for some Shirley Bassey, obviously)

When sold, the auction car was offered with a full service history and 11 months MoT. However, what became of the other five cars remains a mystery.

‘With such damage inflicted over several takes, speculation dictates that the vehicles were complete write-offs, and sent off for scrap,' claims Jaguar specialist Sam Skelton. ‘The camera car has yet to surface, but if it does it’ll be financially unviable to return to factory condition.’

This isn’t the first Jaguar XJ to appear during Craig’s tenure as Bond, although it is notable for being under allied control, for a change. The catalyst for Casino Royale, Mr White, swanned about in an XJ8 whereas the main villain, Le Chiffre, tore around in a black XJR with Vesper Lynd tied up on the back seat. Venturing further back can find Pierce Brosnan being chased through an ice palace by a tricked out XKR in 2002’s Die Another Day.

2015’s Spectre also featured the Jaguar C-X75, originally a hybrid-electric concept car from the 2010 Paris motor show. Although the film car was visually faithful to the concept, mechanically they were unrelated. According to Jaguar Land Rover, the C-X75 replicas were constructed around a space-frame chassis crafted to World Rally Championship specification, powered by a 542bhp supercharged 5.0-litre V8.

If you fancy one of these, however, it’ll most likely set you back far more than £15,000. For us mere mortals, we can simply enjoy the tyre-squealing madness below, or on DVD.

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