Sign the petition to save classics from scrappage

You can help save classics from manufacturers' scrappage schemes – sign here to bring it to the attention of the UK government

A petition has been raised in the UK to save classic cars from manufacturers' scrappage schemes, following several instances of classics being scrapped by owners in return for discounts on new cars.

The most publicised has been the case of a Standard Ten in Scotland, which was saved from the scrapyard following a campaign by Practical Classics magazine, and the intervention of MP and classic car enthusiast Lord Steel of Aikwood (David Steel). It had been traded into a Ford dealership against a new Ford Transit.

The proposal is that classics registered as Historic Vehicles will be automatically exempt from scrappage schemes. Currently any pre-1977 car is eligible to be registered as a Historic Vehicle, but from 20 May 2018 any car over 40 years old, on a rolling basis, will be eligible.

You can sign up to the petition here, and if more than 10,000 signatures are added, the UK government will be notified of the campaign. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, then the UK government will be obliged to debate the subject in parliament.

The petition was raised by Danny Hopkins, editor of Practical Classics magazine. It will run for six months, with the closing deadline for signatures 21 June 2018.

There's more on the forthcoming changes to Historic Vehicle legislation, and how cars over 40 years old will be become exempt for MOT testing here on the AutoClassics site.

For details of how to register a pre-1960 classic as a Historic Vehicle, visit the DVLA website.

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