Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus confirms Le Mans 2021 victory effort

Retro-inspired marque has stated its aim to take first American-built car to overall Le Mans victory since 1969 under LMP1’s new Hypercar rules in 2021

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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has stated its intention to end America’s half-century Le Mans overall victory drought by taking part in the 2021 race with a forthcoming SCG 007 hypercar. SCG has announced via the brand’s Facebook page that the 007 will compete under the LMP1 Hypercar regulations to be introduced for the 2020/’21 World Endurance Championship season, and that the car is ‘likely’ to take part in the 2021 Le Mans race.

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SCG has also confirmed its aim for the 007 LMP1 to be the first American-built car to finish first overall at Le Mans since the Ford GT40 last triumphed in 1969.

‘This is for America. For Briggs, Carol and Jim Hall. For all of us,’ it said in its social media post.

SCG added that it will compete with a 007 at Le Mans regardless of the wider take-up of the machine, as it will operate the programme at cost and fund it even if only a single 007 takes part. It’s offering a limited run of 25 road-legal versions, plus one race version besides its own, with all profits to going to its Le Mans bid. The car’s price has not been finalised, but SCG expects it to be around $1m. The team also confirmed that the engine will be US made.

‘This is a study based on what we think the new LMP1/GT1 rules may look like,’ SCG added. ‘It will evolve when we know more. It will not share a tub with 003 or 004.’

The SCG brand was founded by Jim Glickenhaus to add a ‘dynamic dimension’ to his love of endurance racing. The brand has frequently created retro-inspired cars to boost audience relevance. These include the SCG 003 Stradale road-legal hypercar – the competition model of which has competed in the Nürburgring 24-hours – and its forthcoming 1960s-reminiscent 006.

Images courtesy of the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Facebook page.

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